THT Briefs on 4/18/21

Michael Williams

Happy Sunday, Torpedoes! We have lots of new Torpedoes joining us, so let me begin by welcoming them to the family! This message is what we call the "Briefs" and it is a Sunday email from me and the THT Board of Directors to all of you. The purpose of the weekly email is share information with the membership, including any updates on practice schedules, details about upcoming meets, big news in the world of swimming and helpful articles from trusted resources. You may also get weekly emails from your group coaches with specific information that directly impacts your swimmer's group.

Once again - welcome!

Practice procedures:

  • Swimmers should arrive at the AC about 15 minutes before their practice is scheduled to begin. The coaches need to check the kids' temperatures and get them organized before practice begins. We are not using the locker rooms for changing clothes, so swimmers should arrive in their swimsuits, ready to go! Please help us continue our efforts to reduce exposure to COVID-19 by having your swimmers arrive with a mask on. The VCSC has a very limited number of masks available for our use, so please remember to bring your own. Masks can be kept in a labeled Ziplock storage bag during practice. This will keep them dry and prevent the kids from accidentally mixing up their mask with one from sombody else.
  • Parents that are new to THT may stay and watch a few minutes of practice, but please remember to socially distance yourselves from ther families and keep your mask on.
  • At the conclusion of practice, swimmers will exit the building from the northwest doors and make their way to the front parking lot.

This Week:


  • There will be a New Parent Orientation on Wednesday night, April 21, at 6:00 pm. This is an excellent time to meet the Board of Directors. If you have questions, this is also a great time to get answers!

Last Minute Registrations:

  • It is not too late to register! If you haven't completed your registration yet, or you know somebody that would like to join but hasn't been able to come to a tryout yet, please contact me. I can help you get registered or schedule a tryout for one of your friends!

News You Can Use:

  • Click HERE to check out a link to a very short list of resources about cooking by Christine Rosenbloom, a registered dietician and sports nutritionist. She shares some great links to meal-related information, including a link to Cooking with Team USA. I hope you enjoy it!

Have a great week, and we hope to see you at the pool!

Coach Mike and the THT Board of Directors