THT Briefs on 4/25/21

Michael Williams

Today, more than ever, our young people (swimmers included) are comparing themselves to their peers. With social media and other forms of electronic media that seem to saturate them all day, it is just too easy to believe that everyone else has something that we don’t, and that we need. One of the foundations of my coaching philosophy is that swimming is a near-perfect for life. I cannot begin to count the number of times that a swimmer, out in front with just a few yards to go, pauses their stroke to look around, or lifts their head to see where the competition is. They stop focusing on what put them in the lead to begin with. Life can be just like that. We can be happy, content, even “out in front” - and then we lift our heads to look around and we begin to compare ourselves they people around us. Usually, this does not end in our favor! Our friends and Fitter & Faster recently published a very short read on this exact subject. Click HERE if you are interested in checking it out!

Here are a few news items for the week:

  • This week, the practices are at their normal times. You should be getting an email from your group coach with details, or you can always check out the calendar that is posted on our website.
  • Now that we are back in the swing of things at the pool, please remember that if your swimmer is attending practices, they MUST be a registered THT swimmer. If they are a returning swimmer from last season and have a current USA Swimming registration, you will only need to complete the online registration process, sign the THT Signature Pages form that is found on the THT Documents tab of the club website in the Registration Forms folder, and then give those items to your coach. If your swimmer is brand new to THT, we will need you to complete the online registration process, sign the Signature Pages form that is found on the THT Documents tab of the club website in the Registration Forms folder, and provide us with the forms and a copy of your swimmer’s birth certificate. Copies of all required forms are available at the Aquatic Center.
  • Our first meet is coming up quickly. We are hosting a time trial, which is a home meet that provides a great introduction to competitive swimming to our new members. Time trials are a lot of fun - please plan to join us for the one on May 8th. The registration link will be open soon, and I will send out another email with instructions on how to register and what help we need from the parents in the next few days.
  • Please remember to remain masked while in the building. We are allowing parents of new swimmers to stay and watch the first few minutes of practice, but have been asked that you only stay for a few minutes so we can minimize the number of spectators in the building and the risk of exposure to COVID-19. Thank you for complying with this request.
  • The locker rooms are still off-limits. Please have your child arrive to practice dressed and ready to swim.

Have a great week!

Coach Mike