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All members, both athlete and non-athlete (swimmers age 18+, coaches, officials, board members) must satisify the athlete protection course. Click HERE to access the...

How to sign up for REMIND texts

Please sign up for REMIND texts/app if you have not done so yet. This is for any last minute changes to practice, meets, weather...


Three Easy Ways to Check for Dehydration By Jill Castle, MS, RDN Staying hydrated is a constant effort for many swimmers, requiring a hydration...

Shop Swim Outlet link and VSC Receives 7%

Swim Outlet will give back to VSC 7% of sales generated when shopping through the following link

Meets---What to Do!!

.....Sidelines.... Meets...What to Do.....? Great! You signed up for the SWIM meets!! Now what to do...First Step is know where you are going and...

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