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4 Signs That The Butterfly Life Has Chosen You

From the Swimming World website... By Delaney Lanker, Swimming World Magazine College Intern I once had a coach tell me that butterfly was the...

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What It Means To Be A Team Captain

From the SwimmingWorld website... By Haley Wen, Swimming World College Intern Being a team captain is a unique role to play. Although every team...

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48 Surefire Ways To Tell You’re A Swimmer

From the Swimming World website... By ISABELLE ROBUCK It takes a special breed of human to do what we do everyday. Swimming for as...

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Confessions Of A Helicopter Swim Mom

From the SwimSwam website... BY SWIMSWAM CONTRIBUTORS Courtesy: Pamela Zembiec We all see it at every meet, the mom or parents who walk away...

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Swimming For Dummies: Stop Asking Us These 6 Questions

From the Swimming World website... By Alexa Kutch We’ve all been there. You strike up a conversation with someone and they ask what sport...

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