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The 7 Sins Of Swimming

From the Swimming World website... By Chandler Brandes There is no such thing as a perfect swimmer. As swimmers, we sometimes (although rarely) make...

By KING Webmaster

Is It Time? A Couple Of Reasons Why Quitting Is NOT The Answer

From the Swimming World website... By RILEY DUNN When should I quit? Does it matter anymore? I’m not getting any faster! Should I just...

By KING Webmaster

3 Lessons Learned With Age: A Guide To Swimming With Perspective

From the Swimming World website... By Jamie Kolar, Swimming World College Intern. Dara Torres once said, “Age is just a number.” In many ways...

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Just Keep Swimming: 5 Ways To Overcome A Plateau

From the Swimming World website... By Madeline Ladd, Swimming World College Intern (Archive) Maybe you have had a rough season. Maybe you missed that...

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6 Words You Should Say To Your Child Today

From the Hands Free MAMA website... By Rachel Macy Stafford Very rarely does one sentence have immediate impact on me. Very rarely does one...

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