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5 Impossible Things To Explain To The Non-Swimmer

From the Swimming World website... By Erin Himes, Swimming World College Intern Swimming is a different sport, which is why explaining things to non-swimmers...

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4 Signs That The Butterfly Life Has Chosen You

From the Swimming World website... By Delaney Lanker, Swimming World Magazine College Intern I once had a coach tell me that butterfly was the...

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Scholastic All America Program

From the USA Swimming website... USA Swimming today announced the application procedures for the 2022-2023 Scholastic All America program. The application window will be...

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Diving Into The Topic of Puberty: Encouraging Conversations Between Swimmers, Parents, And Coaches

From the Swimming World website... By JOHN LOHN - EDITOR-IN-CHIEF, Rhiannon Myhre, and Michael Kidd Young women are leaving the sport of swimming at...

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The Dreaded Plateau: Causes And Cures

From the Swimming World website... By Emma Merrill, Swimming World College Intern Many swimmers experience a plateau at some point in their careers. Even...

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