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Safe Sport's Live Monthly Trainings

Spread the word, Safe Sport's live monthly trainings are this week! Wed., Jan. 26, 8p ET: Parent training Thurs., Jan. 27, 8p ET: Athlete...

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The Importance Of Test Sets: How They Serve As A Barometer (Examples Included)

From the Swimming World website... By Annika Hobson, Swimming World College Intern In a sport that revolves around times, the implementation of test sets...

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Who Ya Gonna Find? The Different Kinds Of Swimmers At Meets

From the Swimming World website... By EVANGELIA VASILAKIS Every swimmer knows there are numerous types of swimmers you find at swim meets. Various kinds...

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23 Thoughts Your Lap Counter Has During The 500

From the Swimming World website... By Cassidy Lavigne, Swimming World College Intern At some point in most swimmers’ careers, whether it’s their event or...

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Swimmers Are Control Freaks: The Paradox Of Control

From the Swimming World website... By JAMIE KOLAR What is control? Is it power? Is it dominance? For the majority of history, human kind...

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