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KING Updates 2/7: LCM Meet Schedule/Practice Schedule Updates

Hello KING families, The LCM (Spring/Summer) meet schedule is now finalized and published. We also have a couple of practice schedule updates. Please take...

By Alexander Reed

Swimming Is More Than An Individual Sport

From the Swimming World website... By EMILIA MARTINEZ Swimming might seem like an individual sport. Nonetheless, any swimmer that has gone through a distance...

By KING Webmaster

The 29 Confessions Of A Distance Swimmer

From the Swimming World website... By Chandler Brandes, Swimming World College Intern "I didn’t choose the distance life. The distance life chose me." Well,...

By KING Webmaster

Strong Women Are Beautiful Women: Growing Up In A Swimmer’s Body

From the Swimming World website... By LILLIAN NELSON Whether you are 13 years old and just growing into your body, or 20 years old...

By KING Webmaster

What Is The Hardest Event In Swimming?

From the Swimming World website... By Elise Devlin, Swimming World Intern There’s nothing worse than getting a wide eyed, worrisome expression from your friend...

By KING Webmaster

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