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Swimming Parents: 10 Ways They Can Help Out Coaches

From the Swimming World website... This article on swimming parents by Wayne Goldsmith originally ran a few years ago, but the heart of the...

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5 Things Distance Swimmers Wish They Could Have

From the Swimming World website... By Robbie Dickson, Swimming World College Intern “All right, sprint take lanes 1-4, mid take 5-7, and distance go...

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5 Ways To Expertly Balance School And Swimming

From the Swimming World website... By Caitlin Daday One often over-looked difficulty of any sport at the college level is the need for student-athletes...

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The Swimming Dictionary: A List of Words And Phrases Lost On The Non-Swimmer

From the Swimming World website... By ALYSSA BLAIR Like any sport, swimming has its own set of words. Here we have compiled a list...

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The Big Deal About A Swimmer’s Nutrition

From the Swimming World website.. By Bailey Duran Swimming requires massive amounts of energy, whether it’s an elite-level practice or an age group practice....

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