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5 Helpful Lessons Learned From Team Travel Trips

From the Swimming World website... By RUTH BEADLE We are getting to the point in the season where many teams have traveled or are...

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The Home-Pool Advantage: Is It Real Or Just A Myth?

From the Swimming World website... By CASEY MCNULTY In the world of competitive swimming, the idea of the “home-pool advantage” has been debated for...

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KING Results and Wrap-Up: Age Group Regionals

Over 40 KING swimmers participated in the NW Age Group Regional Championships this past weekend at KCAC. Age Group Regionals is the fastest possible...

By Alexander Reed

The ‘Small’ Finale: How To Cope With A Bad Champs Meet; And What It All Means

From the Swimming World website... By KRISTEN WAGNER Hey swimmers. As the swim season comes to a close, as it always does, I’m sure...

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8 Things Only Swimmers Will Understand

From the Swimming World website... By BROOKE IRVING On average, swimmers spend 12 hours per week training to be the best athlete they can...

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