King Aquatic Club (KING) Summary of Group Descriptions

Group descriptions are intended to serve as an overview to set and explain the different expectations around skills, practice frequencies, typical age ranges, and meet requirements for each group. The coaches will exercise sound judgment and discretion in placing each athlete to the group that best suit each swimmer’s level of experience and overall readiness. While there is at times some subjectivity in such decisions, the goal is to enable the swimmer to best enjoy a positive, well-rounded swimming experience so they will develop a love for the sport.

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Novice is our entry-level group, introducing young athletes to the world of competitive swimming. This group develops each athlete’s technique through the teaching and application of drills and skills. The goal is to build a strong base for swimming fundamentals upon which future stroke and racing development is enhanced. The Novice group prioritizes each athlete’s sense of fun and enjoyment of the sport while nurturing an appreciation of the desire to compete in swimming. Practices last 45 minutes in the water with 15 minutes of dryland. Three practices are offered per week. Meets are offered approximately every 4-6 weeks throughout the season. The ideal age is 6-9 years old but is not limited to that range.


Development 1 is the next progression in our group structure and continues to develop the athlete’s fundamental stroke technique while preparing swimmers to race. It is the ideal starting place for swimmers coming from summer league or advanced swim lessons who are interested in committing to a minimum of two to three practices per week on a regular basis. In addition to stroke technique, we emphasize skills that develop teamwork, introductory goal setting, basic training etiquette, and good sportsmanship. Practices last one hour in the water with 15 minutes of dryland. Three practices are offered per week. Meets are offered every 4-6 weeks throughout the season. Swimmers must be able to swim all four strokes and have experience with starts and turns. A typical age range for Development 1 is 8 to 11 years old.


Development 2 is the first competitive group that teaches intervals, offers more challenging workouts, continues improvement of all four competitive strokes, starts, turns, finishes, and racing strategies. This group builds upon the fundamental swimming skills learned in Development One. More advanced drills and training techniques are introduced progressively to improve overall coordination and efficiency in the water. Practice goals include longer swims in both distance and sets. Competitive goals include PNS Champs participation. Practices last 1.5 hours in the water with 30 minutes of dryland and are 2 offered five times per week. Meets are typically offered once a month throughout the season. Most athletes in the group range between 9 to 12 years old although age is just one determining factor. Development Two is the first group in which the athletes are expected to train year round.


Pre-Senior is tailored for athletes who have dedicated themselves to the sport of swimming. The athlete is capable of consistently performing difficult training sets in practice and strives towards becoming Regional finalists and Sectionals qualifiers. Athletes can expect to be challenged on aerobic and anaerobic levels while embracing cutting edge and creative training techniques and drills. It is the first group on KING that will hold swimmers to an attendance expectation of 80% for all practices. Practices are offered 6 times per week for 1.5 to two hours in the water and 30 minutes of dryland. Meets occur every 3 to 5 weeks throughout the season. The pre-senior group trains year round. Athletes in this group range between 10 and 13 years old.


The High School Performance group is designed for high school age swimmers who have competitive swimming experience and want to develop their skills but also have interests outside of the sport. Athletes in this group are offered the same cutting edge and creative training techniques as other groups and are encouraged to develop their competitive skills though either high school meets or USA Swimming meets. Practices are offered five times during the week for 1.5 hours in the water and 30 minutes of dryland each. If athletes in this group would like to challenge themselves, they have an option to attend Senior practice on Saturdays. High School Performance is the ideal group who want flexibility.


This is the highest level competitive group that KING offers. It is recommended, but not required today, for athletes with at least one Sectional time standard in order to train in this group. Senior athletes aspire to compete in Junior National, National, Olympic Trials, and International meets. An additional goal for the senior group is to aim for a college swimming experience. Assistance in the college recruitment process is offered to athletes in this group. Such assistance may include assessing college programs, discussion with college coaches who wish to meet the athletes, and as appropriate campus visits. Practices are offered six to nine times per week for 2.5 to 3 hours in the water and additional time as required to complete an individualized dryland program. Athletes have a 95% attendance expectation. Senior athletes are expected to be visible, active role models who are accessible and approachable to teammates in other groups. Swimming is expected to be the top non-academic activity for senior athletes.


KING offers a Masters program for parents of KING athletes who have past experience in competitive swimming or have adopted swimming as a life sport as a part of cross-training for other sports they may have interest in. Masters swimmers are registered USA Swimming members and can sign up for and compete in Masters competitions as a KING athlete at their discretion. Practices are offered three times per week.