How To Embrace Your Pre-Race Nerves And Use Them To Your Advantage

KING Webmaster
Jan 24, 2019

From the Swimming World News website...

By Taylor Covington, Swimming World College Intern

It’s typically deemed unpleasant–the churning sensation in your stomach accompanied by the slippery glaze across your palms and forehead–when the body starts to edge out the brain in assuming an organic and fascinating state of hypersensitivity. Each deep breath imparts a sort of rhythm to the hurried patter of your heart, with every anticipatory beat evoking some blend of terror and thrill. The crowd is but a twinkling blur; yet, everything else appears with striking clarity. It’s as if you can see every fat water droplet roll off the edge of the block, hear every jump and shoulder slap in the direction of your competitor’s adjacent lane. There’s the static crackling through the speaker as the starter prepares to announce the event, and the world suddenly narrows to a sole 25-yard lane expanding before you.