Lessons To Learn When Swimming Seems So Cruel

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From the Swimming World website...


Reprinted from March 7, 2016

The 400 IM is a race I only had to swim once to decide it was not my calling. Now when I watch people race it, and love all 16 laps of it, I cannot relate, but I certainly can respect.

One such swimmer was shooting for his sectionals cut this past weekend. He missed it by four tenths of a second in prelims and came back on a mission in finals. His teammates crowded the end of his lane and his coaches kept close watch of his pace. Thinking he was out of range with a 50 to go, I watched him come back in the final lap, plowing through the pain toward the dangling carrot– that elusive cut. He touched and looked up only to see he was one tenth of a second shy of achieving the sectionals cut. Teammates, coaches, and parents mourned the missed cut with the hardworking, deserving swimmer.