Your monthly invoice/billing history is available online 24/7. Billing estimated summaries are emailed approximately 7-10 days before the first of the month (they may change due to meet entry fees/travel fees). Invoice payments are due the first day of the month prior to training, and considered late if received after the 10th.


If you have any further questions about billing, please email [email protected]

Contacting Coaches

If you would like to speak individually with your coach, contact them by sending an email to [email protected] or email the coach directly.

Club Communication

To encourage improved communication between our membership, coaching staff, and other club representatives we have put together a description of our communication channels.

Our website,, is updated on a regular basis with information on the front home page. Please check the NEWS and/or EVENTS section of our website as it will contain information about practice schedule changes, meet information, team fundraising, and other important information. Additionally, for swim news, educational articles and fun stuff follow KING Aquatic Club on Facebook or twitter.

We also provide social networking communication through the official KING Aquatic Club Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages. Follow, Share, or Tweet with us throughout the swim season!

There are also several KING Boosters pages to follow.

Other Contact Information

If you have any further questions, please send us an email at [email protected]

KING Boosters Association

You can also find the BOOSTERS contact information located (available to MEMBERS ONLY) within the tab above when you login at the KING website. When you login, you will find expanded access to more BOOSTERS information, the names and email addresses of KING Boosters Association Board Members, and other leadership positions are located in this section. The mailing address for KING Boosters Association is...

KING BOOSTERS ♦ PO Box  25459 ♦ Federal Way WA 98093-2459