2018-2019 KING Registration

Open for Returning Members

7/18/18 - 7/1/19

Open for New Members

7/23/18 - 7/1/19


KING 2018-2019 Online Registration is Live!

Thank you for your interest in King Aquatic Club!  Registration is now open for current members.  We will welcome new members on July 23.  The online registration system should be user friendly, but if you have any questions, please don?t hesitate to contact Elizabeth Yen at eyen@kingaquaticclub.com

What?s New

This is the first full season that KING will be under new management with a new coaching staff.  With guidance from the Boosters, we are taking this opportunity to make some changes that reflect the new team culture and priorities.

First the new group names:

Previous Group Name

New Group Name

Physical Genius 1 (PG1)


Physical Genius 2 (PG2)

Development 1 (D1)

Age Group

Development 2 (D2)




High School Performance







We are implementing group names that are intended to be more descriptive of the developmental status of the swimmer as opposed to time standards.  A more detailed group description follows this document.  As a rule of thumb, during this Registration period, returning team members should register in the same corresponding group that they are currently part of.  For example, if you are a Regional swimmer today, you should register for the next season as Pre-Senior.  Swimmers that the coaches suggest are ready to be moved up will be notified in August of your new group.

We are also adjusting the fee structure to reflect our priority areas for membership growth and areas where we will invest.


Old Monthly Fee

New Monthly Fee




Development 1



Development 2






High School Performance







$75 $25

The fee reductions in Novice and Development 1 reflect our desire to build KING from the base.  We are expecting the lower fees coupled with our world class coaching staff will grow our numbers among the youngest swimmers.  Our hope is that these swimmers will adopt the KING way as soon as they start swimming and remain with the team for many years.  Novice swimmers and Development 1 swimmers may elect to stay with the club for less than the full season to pursue various extra-curricular interests.  By Development 2, our expectation is that the swimmers have a passion for the sport and begin to train year round.

Significant changes to the High School Performance Group will be implemented.  We recognize the fact that athletes in this group want flexibility to pursue other interests or focus more time on academics.  In the new season, we will be offering one fewer practice per week for the High School Performance Group.  However, for swimmers who wish to challenge themselves and safely explore the possibility of greater commitment to the sport, we will give swimmers in this group the option of practicing Saturday mornings with the Senior Group.  The High School Performance Group will no longer practice with the Pre-Senior Group going forward in the new season.

We will merge the current Senior and National swimmers in to one group.  However, the coaches will be organizing groups within the new Senior group for optimal training purposes.  Depending on the set, practice objectives of the day, or the swimmer?s individual needs, the coaches will use their professional judgment to organize the senior swimmers as required during the season.  While current National swimmers will see a reduction in their fees, the Senior swimmers will see a modest increase.  The rationale for this increase is that we will be offering additional practice hours in the new season as well as new technology.  We will implement new use of videos and sharing of videos between coaches and swimmers.  As discussed in March, we will be creating a new web resource focused specifically on making our swimmers more visible to college coaches.  This capability will not be ready on day one but rather will be rolled out over the coming season.

We are taking a step back on the KING Masters program.  Our view is that if we cannot be a first class program in a particular area, we should not invest resources in that area.  Think, "go big or go home."  At the same time we do want to support the desire for families to swim on the same team together.  Next season, we will be offering the Masters program only for parents of King swimmers.  We will reduce the fee dramatically to a level that basically covers our pool rental fees.  This will hopefully allow families to stay together on one team.  In the near future, when we are ready to build a first class competitive Masters program, we will revisit the structure.          

We are eager to see what a full year of team stability spent with our world class coaching staff will mean for the growth and development of our swimmers.  We truly hope our swimmers will improve their times and achieve their goals while also becoming well-rounded young adults that respect the process and hard work required to succeed in this sport and in life.  Learning to pursue excellence starts with a growth mindset.  

Elizabeth and I look forward to working even closer with the Booster Board and parents to grow the KING swimming community.  I envision one inclusive team that comes together to cheer our swimmers? success while also looking forward to spending time with each other off the pool deck.  One team that comes together to run a big swim meet while also coming together in times of adversity.  Make no mistake, this is a long term journey and there are no better families that we want to be on this journey with than those that we have met these past few months.  Thank you for all your support. 

GO KING!  One Team Bigger Dream

Regards, Elizabeth and Terry Yen