Open for Returning Members

7/7/21 - 7/31/22

Open for New Members

7/15/21 - 7/31/22


Welcome to KING 2021-2022!

To returning KING families, a sincere THANK YOU from the staff for your patience and resiliency as we operated the entire season under pandemic conditions. To families looking to join a competitive swim team, we are grateful for your interest and look forward to welcoming you into the family. Despite the unprecedented circumstances, KING enjoyed its best season in years. Thanks to our swimmers, parents, and coaches, KING achieved many significant milestones in the pool.

  • At the USA Olympic Trials for Swimming, KING was well represented by two current swimmers, Patrick Keough and Billy Oates. Both performed admirably at their first Olympic Trials and we expect their experience this year will pay dividends three years from now. Former KING swimmer and current rising Junior at Stanford, Daniel Roy qualified for the finals of the 200 Breast and just missed making his first Olympics.
  • Approximately 30 KING athletes competed at the USA Swimming Western Region Sectionals in St. George, Utah this past April. Our swimmers overcame strong competition from top teams in California and Colorado to bring home the Combined First Place trophy. This is the first time KING has won a Sectional meet since 2018.  
  • PNS has a rich history of fast swims and KING contributed to that history by breaking two records this season. Our 13–14 year old boys - Matthew Audette, Andrew Coombs, Aidan Hammer, and Adam Kwon – took down the 800-yard free relay record held by Dang, Hayes, Lu, and Nickels.  In the 17–18 year age group, Patrick Keough set a new record for 100-meter butterfly with his swim at the Olympic Trials. During the season, numerous KING team records were broken, too many to list here. All this goes to show that the future for KING is bright.        
  • With strong interest from our membership, KING formed our first Open Water training group.  While pool swimming will remain the priority for KING, we are glad Coach Meredith took the initiative to lead this group and offer our swimmers new opportunities for training and competition. I am anxious to see how this group will fare in the new season.
  • Without a doubt, our greatest accomplishment this season was to provide a healthy training environment for our swimmers.  Thank you to the coaches, parents, and swimmers again for taking the pandemic seriously and for following all the safety protocols that enabled us to train with confidence. Special thanks to Coach Becca for taking point on the Covid response and keeping all of us accountable. All signs point to the worst being over and a brighter future. 

Keep in mind that our season is not over yet as we are approaching several meets for swimmers of all ages over the last month of the season. We have more personal bests to achieve, more records to break, and more medals to win before we close the book on 2020-21.

As we look ahead to the 2021-22 season, our expectation is that we will be making huge strides toward “normalcy” assuming the pandemic does not make a comeback. Most importantly, the training groups will return to a more traditional structure.  You can find the updated groupings in the Registration material. We anticipate all coaches currently on deck will return for the new season. There is a strong likelihood we will be making some key additions to the coaching staff this summer. At this time, we expect KING will the utilizing the same pools as we are now.  We continue to engage with the administration at Evergreen State College to see if we can return to the college pool in September.  Additionally, we are making progress in securing new pools in the Tacoma area to give our membership more options and convenience.  We will make announcements as agreements are confirmed.

All of the above means we expect to return to a normal operating mode where swimmers will have greater consistency in coaching and training to support their progression in the sport.  

With the reopening of Washington - and the nation – we are finding one by-product is rising prices. Unfortunately, swim clubs are not spared from this impact as we are seeing many of our pool lease fees increase from their pre-pandemic rates. We have done our best to minimize the impact on our fees, but it will not be zero. Compared to the 2019-20 season (keep in mind 2020-21 was an interim structure), rates for our high school age swimmers will increase slightly.  For the younger swimmers, we have kept rates the same as two years ago.  

Thank you again for your interest and commitment to KING. If you have any questions as you progress through the registration process, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are looking forward to having you on the team for our upcoming season and we are very excited about the future. 

Alex Reed, 
Terry & Elizabeth Yen
KING Aquatic Club Leadership