Volunteer Information

Fellow swim enthusiasts….THANK YOU all for all you do to help make the Kingfish Swim Team the BEST in the EFSL. Our meets are well known as the best run in the league, but we cannot maintain our reputation without your help. YOU ARE TRULY APPRECIATED!!!

Each Kingfish family is required to earn 40 hours of volunteer service per season. As a general rule and to help keep yourself on track to have fulfilled your commitment of 40 hours by seasons end, you should try to average approximately 8 hours served a month.

***REMINDER*** There will be a volunteer sign-up sheet posted near our Kingfish board on the pool deck at each home meet. There will also be a volunteer sign-in sheet at every fundraising event. YOU are responsible to sign yourself in AND out of any volunteer event. When you sign in to work at a meet, please write your name, start time, the job you did, AND your end time. Writing "end of meet" is not an end time. If you do not include a sign out time you will not be credited with the hours. Please be responsible for keeping track of the hours you work, reporting them properly, and verifying your totals as they are reported by the Volunteer Coordinator.

There are many ways to accomplish your volunteer goal. Please read through the positions and job descriptions below for ideas about how you can contribute and fulfill your hours requirement.

As the season progresses, there will be fewer and fewer opportunities for you to reach your goal of 40 volunteer hours. Hours not met by the end of the season will be billed @ $20.00/hour in accordance with the financial agreement signed during registration.

THANKS again for EVERYTHING you do to help the Kingfish succeed in and out of the water!!

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact the Volunteer Coordinator. 

[email protected]



Season-long Positions:

Awards Coordinator (40 hours) – Jenn McFarland 

  • Inventory ribbon supply and submit order for upcoming season.
  • Assist Awards Points Tracker and ensure Kingfish swimmers’ data for record keeping is accurate.
  • Work home meets along side the stats team distributing ribbons to visiting team’s swimmers and Kingfish swimmers.
  • Respond to parent questions and concerns.
  • In the event the Kingfish host the Divisional Championship Meet: inventory, prepare, and distribute medals as required.
  • Distribute medals during 2-day EFSL Championship Meet. (if KMC is hosting)
  • Compile list of various awards and patches to be ordered and submit cost estimate/purchase request to board for approval.
  • Submit all data to Head Coach for deliberation of awards.
  • Submit cost estimate and order trophies for special award recipients.
  • Research data and submit candidates (to Head Coach) for Kingfish Hall of Fame.
  • Collect data and create certificates to be presented at the awards banquet.
  • Provide accurate statistical data to Awards Banquet Coordinator for development of banquet program.
  • Sort awards and organize/label individual envelopes to be given to each swimmer.
  • Set up and coordinate distribution of awards at banquet, including delivery of awards to swimmers/families not attending the banquet.
  • Maintain continuity file to ensure awards info is properly passed on from season to season

Awards Coordinator Assistant (actual hours worked) - vacant

  • Responsible for assisting Awards Coordinator as needed

Awards Points Tracker (Committee Lead... 40 hours) – vacant

  • responsible for accurately tracking, recording, and updating individual swimmer’s points earned at each meet throughout the entire season (to include the end of season championship meet)
  • coordinate with coaches, Awards Coordinator and Attendance Tracker to properly assign end of season awards

Attendance Tracker (actual hours worked) – Vice President & Kingfish Coaching Staff 

  • responsible for populating excel program with High School swimmers tracking individual attendance/participation at both practices and meets
  • update the website weekly for review and confirmation of accuracy (swimmers and parents are responsible to verify the accuracy of their attendance records)

Awards Banquet Coordinator (actual hours worked) - Tami Lewis and Christina McIntosh

  • Select a date and secure a facility for the end of year banquet
  • Plan meal and dessert list for event; insuring all food, drinks, and table decorations are planned and purchased in advance
  • Ensure speaker system and overhead system (for slide-show) is in place and functioning the day (or evening) prior to the event
  • Coordinate set-up and clean-up

Awards Program Designer (actual hours worked) – vacant

  • Design and print team program for end of season awards banquet, keeping to the designed timeline/schedule.

Apparel Coordinator (Board Position...40 hours) - Abby Erickson 

  • Will design all apparel (Caps, T-Shirts, Hoodies, etc.) for registration and other team events where apparel is necessary. 
  • Will take orders, money and inventory orders.
  • Will disperse orders when merchandise is received.
  • Will be the Kingfish POC for all apparel orders. 

Concessionaire Coordinator (“Bait Shop”  40 hours) - Vanna Mata

  • Responsible for transporting equipment, materials and supplies necessary to erect and operate a refreshment concession stand at all home meets
  • Assits with overseeing the sale of refreshments furnished by the Parents' Association during meets.

Fundraising Coordinator (Board Position…40 hours) - Sue Heath

  • Responsible for planning two fundraisers per quarter to include gaining base permission and coordinating swimmer and parental involvement.
  • Responsible for overseeing the sale of refreshments furnished by the Parents' Association during meets and fundraisers. 
  • Coordinates & schedules donations and purchases additional supplies for Bait Shop and fundraisers.
  • Oversees all fundraising activities/events.

Head Timer (40 hours) - vacant

  • Responsible for announcing the number of timers/runners needed to assist prior to each home meet
  • Coordinates and fills all volunteer positions pertaining to timing (timers, runners) including the guest teams (sufficient enough to ensure all timers chairs are filled for entire meet with back-ups in place)
  • At away meets, coordinates parent volunteers to help supplement host team as needed

Head Statistician (Board Position...40 hours) - Marc Leibert

  • Responsible for building and seeding each home meet
  • Responsible to record, update, and publish home meet results as required by the EFSL
  • Provides updated and accurate data tracking swimmers' times to Head Coach on a routine basis
  • Maintains compilation of statistics, detailed enough to enable the Awards Point Tracker to ascertain qualification status for awards and varsity letters.

Meet Director (Board Position…40 hours) - Chris Heinz

  • Produces a meet announcement that is circulated to guest and hosting team coaches, stats, volunteer coordinator and Secretary prior to each home meet.
  • Responsible for insuring that all equipment required and necessary is in place for each home meet.
  • Manages set-up and clean-up crews.
  • Oversees all home meet related activities, to include: coordination with stats personnel, Officials, all guest and hosting team coaches, marshals, Clerk of Course, Head Timer, bathroom & locker room monitors and designated Deck Marshal.
  • Works closely with the RAC staff to ensure compliance with facility rules and regulations.

Photographer (actual hours worked) - vacant

  • Takes team and individual photos throughout the season.
  • Uploads photos to secure, password-protected on-line server/site for storage, viewing.
  • Notify the Board when albums are ready for publishing.
  • Create the slideshow for viewing at the end of year awards banquet. 
  • Assists program designer with photos needed for end of year awards banquet.

Assistant Photographer  (actual hours worked) - Holly Rust

  • Responsible for assisting Photographer as needed

Publicity Coordinator (actual hours worked) - Coaching Staff

  • Prepares articles for the Kaiserslautern American newspaper after each meet
  • Works with AFN, if appropriate, to publicize Kingfish events

Social Coordinator  (actual hours worked) - vacant

  • planning and coordination of team social events (some ideas might be: a Christmas party, parent/family socials (pizza parties, BBQs), spirit nights, etc....)

 Volunteer Coordinator (Board Postion...40 hours) - Laura Yost

  • Maintains a list of volunteer positions and duty descriptions/responsibilities.
  • Provides, posts, and collects volunteer sign-up sheets at various Kingfish events.
  • Tracks individual and family volunteer hours and ensure that each family works a minimum of 50 hours.
  • Tracks all volunteer hours associated with fundraising events.
  • Ensure accurate updates are posted for review.
  • Provides end of season report to the Treasurer for billing as needed for unmet hours.

 Transportation Coordinator (Actual Hours Worked) - Kingfish Secretary

  • Responsible for submitting all necessary paperwork to Away Meet Security Coordinator for Away Meets as well as Ramstein Security Forces for Home Meets, 10 days prior to a home meet for any individuals who do not possess an active DOD ID card. Responsible for all base access paperwork to compete in any away meets.


Meet Specific Positions :  

***These are duties performed during meets. The hours worked at the meet are the actual hours earned. You will need to sign up with individual coordinators. Please do not forget to record your hours on the sign-up sheets provided.

Bait Shop (actual hours worked) – numerous positions

  • Assists Coordinator as needed during home meets by manning the concession stand and assisting with set-up/clean-up

Bathroom/Locker Room Monitors (actual hours worked) – 2 positions

  • Responsible for monitoring the bathrooms and locker rooms hourly throughout the entire meet when hosted by the Kingfish.
  • Ensure NO HORSEPLAY in showers or locker rooms.
  • Make sure locker rooms are clean.
  • Ensure proper restroom supplies are available (contact pool staff for needed supplies).

Clerk of Course (40 hours) - vacant

  • Assist Stats with managing late entries and scratches.
  • Works with Head Official to realigning heats when necessary.
  • Organizes deck cards, lines up heats.
  • Work with Head Official, Stats, Head Timer, Starter, Marshals, and Meet Director for updates/changes.

Clerk of Course Assistant (actual hours worked) - vacant

  • Assists the Clerk of Course as necessary.
  • Assists lining up swimmers by heat.

Security Deck: (actual hours worked) – vacant

  • Assist with Bag Checks outside the facility to ensure NO GLASS of any kind is brought into the facility.
  • Controls flow of traffic on deck during home meets (in particular, behind the dive blocks and in front of the bait shop entrance/exit).
  • Circle the deck to ensure patrons are not consuming food on the deck. (Food is only allowed outside on the patio or in the Bait Shop).

Marshals x 4 (40 hours) - Jill Hayes, Arnold Pamparo, Gretchen Duboise, & Raymond Duboise

  • Assists Clerk of Course as needed organizing and managing swimmer being marshaled
  • Communicate event changes/scratches/no-shows with timer runners.
  • If there is not a dedicated Team of Marshals willing to work ALL home meets, this position will be opened up for individual volunteers and logged by actual hours worked.

Marshalling Number Displayer x 2 ( actual hours worked)

  • Indicate event being marshaled

Meet Announcer (actual hours worked) - Brent and Cheryl Schafer

  • Announces over the loud speaker as events are being marshaled.

Stroke & Turn Officials (actual hours worked) – see Head Official: Peggy Glasgow for more information (training is required for these positions!)

  • Officials taking training for their positions will be credited for those hours. However, in order to receive credit for training, persons must complete the training (including shadowing) and work at least 2 meets as an accredited official
  • Stroke and Turn Judges, Starter and shadow positions are needed

Timer/Stats Runners x 2 (actual hours worked) - vacant

  • Relays deck cards from timers to statisticians and awards work station
  • Runs additional errands as necessary, to include delivering water to coaches and officials throughout each home meet

Water Runners x 2 (actual hours worked) - vacant

  • Delivers water to coaches and officials throughout each home meet.

Set-Up/Clean-Up (actual hours worked) – numerous positions

  • Assists meet director as needed in preparing the deck to host home meets.
  • Assists meet director in cleaning the deck and clearing out of the pool area within 30 minutes of the completion of the meet.

Statistician Assistants (40 hours) - Johnny Soto

  • Assists Head Statistician as needed.
  • If there is not a dedicated Team Statistician Assistants willing to work ALL home meets, this position will be opened up for individual volunteers and logged by actual hours worked.

Timers (actual hours worked) – numerous positions

  • Reports to the Head Timer for pre-meet meeting/training.
  • During the meet, ensure that swimmers are in the correct lane and heat as listed on the deck card. 
  • Operates stop watch and records times on deck cards.
  • 3 timers per lane are required; ordinarily, volunteer coordinator schedules an average of 24 timers per shift with 2 shifts per meet and may require as many as 48 people per meet depending on the facility we swim at.