Visiting Team Base Access

Each visiting EFSL team is responsible for signing on their own non-ID card holder’s teammates and families using their appropriately ID’d card holders. Below you will find the procedure that all visiting EFSL teams must follow to obtain access to Ramstein Air Force Base and the Ramstein Aquatic Center.

  • Each visiting EFSL team needs to know what kind of ID cards their team members and families hold. Acceptable ID cards are: 1.) Any DOD issued ID card to Active Duty, Active Duty Dependent, US government Civilian Employee or US Civilian Employee Dependent  2.).NATO ID card holders with the appropriate KMC Installation Pass only.
  • Have a mechanism within your team to match up your  DOD issued ID card/NATO KMC Installation Pass card holders with those team members that do not hold the appropriate ID cards.
  • Have the visiting team’s US military issued ID card holder/NATO KMC Installation Pass card holders travel with the team’s non ID card holders to the RAB West Gate Visitor Center to sign them on to the base and take responsibility as their escorts.  Please inform SF personnel at the actual Gate which vehicles you are escorting and that they are directly following you through the gate.
  • Each non-ID card holder must present a valid passport.
  • Each appropriate card holder may sign on up to 10 people.
  • Children under the age of sixteen (16) are not required to be sign on when escorted by a DOD ID card/NATO KMC Installation Pass card holder.
  • Non ID card holders may drive their own vehicle onto RAB as long as they follow directly behind their escorts through the gate and go directly to the RAC.
  • Non ID card holders must accompany/follow their escorts off RAB at the conclusion of the meet.

In the event that a team does not have enough appropriately ID’d individuals to take responsibility to escort their teammates, the Kaiserslautern Kingfish will assist.

The Kaiserslautern Kingfish Secretary must be contacted 15 days before the meet to make arrangements to have volunteers sign on visiting team members. This is a firm deadline and cannot be missed. Security Forces have a 10 day notice requirement and the Secretary needs an additional 5 days to gather and compile information.

Ramstein Base Access Form

POC: [email protected]