To insure that we look like a team at meets and have the proper training equipment on a daily basis, we would like each of our swimmers to have the following items.  All equipment, and most apparel, can be purchased through Swimville USA.  Please let them know you are with Cardinal Aquatics so they can give you the proper price list.  When purchasing equipment, please remember we are a TYR sponsored team and would like TYR equipment used when at all possible. 

All Groups

Everyday: Equipment Bag, Kickboard, Fins, and water bottle

Meets: Team Suit (any suit for practice), Team Cap (buy from Coach Amy), Team Shirt (red, white, black)  

Optional:  Warm-up, Parka, Spirit Wear (coming soon)



Additional by Groups:

Age Group Elite  - Pull Buoy, Paddles

PreSenior & High Performance - Pull Buoy, Paddles, Snorkel