CARDS Volunteer at IRONMAN..Award Received!

THANK YOU!!!!  Our Senior Group, and many others, worked the Marathon #2 Aid Station of the Ironman.  It was an AMAZING day of cheering on the athletes....our FAVORITE being Coach Chris.  Chris is officially an IRONMAN!  WAY TO GO, CHRIS!  Below is the letter I received from our station manager, Matt Williams.  The #2 Aid Station WON the award at the volunteer ceremony for the cleaniest station...WAY TO GO, CARDS!  It was a LONG day and many stayed longer than the 3 hour slot...many did 4-6 hours...AWESOME JOB!  We recieved so many thank you's from the athletes...I know we were greatly appreciated!  Thanks again....Below is the letter:

Hello my amazing and wonderful volunteers,

Let me say, once again, THANK YOU for volunteering for the Ironman Aid Station on Sunday. I don’t know about you, but I am exhausted. It was a tough day. It was hot. And, it was worth it.  

We did an amazing job of helping the Ironman athletes complete the 140.6 mile course. I am hearing nothing but positive reviews about our aid station from the racers, Ironman Officials, and other volunteers. In fact, race official felt so strongly about our group, they awarded us with the “CLEANEST AID STATION.”

That means that, objectively, you are the best Ironman volunteers that an Aid Station Captain could ask for. Literally, no other group is better.

Our “cleanest” award is no small feat. This is the first time that a group other than Marathon Aid Station 7 has won this award since the race began seven years ago. I’m serious…this is a huge win.  

All of the credit belongs to you…you, who stocked tables with water and food and “perform” and Coke…you, who gave out ice-cold drinks to every one of 2,100 Ironman triathletes…you, who picked up every speck of trash to be found…you, who watched out for those racers who needed medical attention…you, who gave more than just your time to the cause.

THANK YOU for making Ironman Day an amazing success.  

For the next year, as you look at your traffic-cone-orange Ironman volunteer t-shirt, remember that you are the best. It’s a fact.

Let’s do this again next year…October 2015, here we come!

Matt Williams

Director of Major Gifts

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