Parents serve as officials at USA Swimming meets

All USA Swimming meets are run by volunteers. The Lexington Dolphins need parents who are willing to officiate at meets as stroke and turn judges, referees, or starting judges. Officiating requires a higher level of commitment than timing, but there are many rewards.

Officiating benefits to you

  • Understanding the rules & techniques can make every minute of a swim meet more interesting.

  • Officials are not required to time at meets.

  • Free admission to meets.

  • Free snacks & drinks at meets.

  • Free Heat Sheets

  • Best Seat in the House

  • Your child will see you’re interested in their activities

  • Informed conversation with your child about their chosen sport

Interested? Here are the steps to become a Stroke and Turn Judge (the entry level for officiating):

  1. Attend Stroke & Turn Clinic

  2. Take the S&T/Timer test (online, open book)

  3. Apprentice 4 sessions

  4. Complete and mail all necessary forms

  5. Receive credentials

  6. Display credentials at all meets

  7. Must complete process in 1 year

For more information, please contact JJ Rodgers - [email protected]