McPherson Swim Club (Aquapups)

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The McPherson Aqua Pups are a year around, private board operated swim club, open to any area youth who enjoy swimming, have an interest in furthering their aquatic skills, achieving personal and team goals, and partiipating in a sport where there are no benches. Oh, and not to mention a low injury risk sport!

Both clubs work directly with the McPherson Aqua Pups Board Members (MABM), the McPherson Family YMCA, McPherson Recreation Commission, and the city of McPherson. It is this combined effort that enables our use of the YMCA and the MRC Waterpark pools, their grounds and facilities with the City of McPherson. The MABM hires the coaches, organize certification of coaches and officials, attend Missouri Valley Swimming (LSC) meetings, set the registration fees (in coordination with facility managers), organize equipment, activities and volunteers; keep track of swimming times and records; facilitate communication between the MSBM coaches, swimmers, and parents. The MABM parrticipants are all unpaid parent volunteers who do not receive club membership discounts. The MABM meets regularly during the year to organize both the winter and summer swim club seasons. Meetings are open to all club members and are posted on our seasonal calendars, and the club website. However, if you wish to attend a meeting it is suggested that you send email to the clubs email with your intention to attend to make sure you are updated on any changes of date/time that might arise.

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