Frequently Asked Questions  

Who are the Owensboro Marlins?
The Owensboro Marlins is a competitive swim team who competes against other area and regional swim clubs. The Marlins compete at all skill levels. All of the Marlins swimmers must be registered with USA Swimming ($85.00/year) in order to compete and practice with the club. The Marlin's have a partnership with the Owensboro Health Park to allow the use of the pool for practices and to host home swim meets. 

What age must you be to be a member of the Marlins?
The Marlin's swimmers can be as young as 5 years of age and swim up until the age of 19.  

What swimming skills are required?
The Marlins swim team is broken into separate groups based on age and ability. The swimming groups are broken down as follows:  

MARLINS DEVELOPMENT (10 and under) - This group is composed of swimmers who are relatively new to year-round swimming. Focus is on basic fundamentals of all four strokes, kicking, drills, breathing, body position, streamline and starts.  Meets (especially home meets) are encouraged but optional. 

AGE GROUP DEVELOPMENT (12 and Under) - This group focuses on swimming all four competitive strokes in legal manner as deemed by USA Swimming rules. This group will meet three times per week and will move into more advanced stroke drills, mechanics, body position, starts and turns. Basic dryland will be implemented for flexibility and core strength.  Attendance at all home meets is expected and out of town meets are highly encouraged.

AGE GROUP PERFORMANCE (13 and Under) - This group will move into more advanced stroke drills with the primary focus still on proper stroke mechanics, body position and kicking in all four strokes. Increased yardage and small interval training sets will be incorporated during practice. Basic dryland will be incorporated with body weight exercises for core strength and flexibility. We would like for this group to compete in all home meets and at least one away meet

PERFORMANCE (13-15 years old) - This group focuses on year-round swimming. Basic fundamentals in all four strokes should already be established. More endurance and interval training will be required. Swimmers are expected to show respect for teammates and coaches, show sportsmanship and have consistent attendance (80%). Dryland will be incorporated for full body development, flexibility and strength. Must attend home meets and a minimum of two away meets per season. 

PRE-SENIOR (13 and Over) - This group is the level in which swimmers move from primary stroke and technique instruction to more emphasis on endurance training. Upper body and core strength will be emphasized with more dryland training. Character development components will continue to build with goal setting being introduced. Swimmers will be expected to be accountable for their progress in swimming. Consistent attendance (80-85%) is necessary for continued improvement and advancement to next group. This group is also intended for swimmers who want to focus on High School Swimming.

SENIOR (13 and Over) - This is the highest group level for Owensboro Marlins. This group is geared for swimmers that already have state cuts and are striving for Sectional, Futures, Junior, National cuts. Double practices are required. Character development components enhance as the athlete take on more responsibility for their own swimming: knowing times, proper attendance, performance and practice habits, and learning how to better manage their time between sport and studies. Attendance required (90%).

Do I have to be a member of the Health Park to be a Marlin?

No, membership at the Health Park is not required to be a member of the Marlins Swim Team.  

When and how often do they practice?
The Marlins practice at the Owensboro Health Park located on Ford Avenue.

Marlins Development will practice 3 times per week. Each practice is between 45 - 60 min.

Age Group Development will practice 4 times per week. Each practice is between 60 - 75 min.

Age Group Performance will practice between 5-6 times per week. Each practice is 1 1/2 hours to 2 hours long with dryland included.

Performance Group will practice 5 - 6 times per week. Each practice is 2 hours long with 2-3 times per week of dryland.

Pre-Senior Group will practice 6 - 7 times per week. Each practice is 2 hours long with 2-3 times per week of dryland.

Senior Group will practice 7-8 times per week. Each practice is 2 hours to 2 1/2 hours long with 2-3 times per week of dryland.

Parents are not required to stay for the duration of practice. 

How long is the swim season?

There are two separate seasons for the Marlins swim team:  

Fall/Winter Season : The Fall/Winter swim season starts in late August/ early September depending on the group.  Meets begin in October and run through March. Swimmers compete in a 25 yard pool (Short Course) during the Fall swim season.  

Summer Season : The Summer season begins in late April and meets start in May and run though the end of July. Swimmers compete in a 50 meter pool (long course) during the summer season.  

A swimmer can compete in either or both seasons.  

Do I have to participate in the swim meets?
It is encouraged but not mandatory. Swimmers will swim against children who are of the same age and compete in a swimming heats against others of similar ability. Swimmers are encouraged to focus on improving their own personal times in different events. There may be thirty swimmers in a single event but it will be broken into separate races (heats) based on the swimmer's seed time.  

Are the swim meets held in Owensboro or out of town?
The Marlins will host swim meets in November and January at the Health Park . The Marlins swim team will have the opportunity to swim in at least two other swim meets during the Fall/Winter Season. The meets are located within a one to two hour drive and may require an overnight stay if you choose.  

Other swim meets are offered in the summer season and will require out of town travel.   

Must I swim year around to be a member of the Marlins?
Swimming year round is not required but is highly recommended. 

How much does it cost to be a member of the Marlins? 

  • Registration Fee - $120, this fee includes annual USA Swimming Fee and one-time administrative fee for account set-up, etc
  • Monthly Dues – Based on the group that your child is placed:
  • Marlins Development - $70/month
  • Age Group Development- $80/month
  • Age Group Performance - $90/month
  • ​Age Group Elite - $95/month
  • Performance - $100/month
  • Senior - $105/month
  • Senior Prep - $110/month
  • Senior Elite - $120/month
  • Note: There is a discount for multiple children in one family

How does the Billing Process work?
The 21st of each month is the invoice date.  All charges are posted on the 21st.  All accounts are to be zeroed prior to the 21st of each month.  Any accounts with any amount due on the 21st will have a late fee applied.  We try to make two deposits per month.  The first is about the first week of the following month for the early payers  and then I run around like today on the 18th and try to get all of the last minute payers deposited.  I try my best to get the money in and applied so no late charges are applied.  If they are applied through my fault, I will credit.

If you sign up to pay with a credit card or ACH, your card or your account will be charged on the 1st of the month following the 21st - yep that's weird.  Credit cards process instantly while ACH's take about 1 week to clear.  So, the preferred method of payment is credit card in my opinion.

Lastly, it is now up to the members to keep track of their bills / invoices.  It is all online on Team Unify.  We try to send out a reminder email that says charges have been posted sometime after the 21st, but I will not always do that.

How much parent participation/volunteer time is required?
Parents are required to work the  home swim meets. Parents must work in the following areas; timers, concession stand, computer table and other positions needed to conduct a swim meet. The home swim meets are used to raise money for the club.  

Will I have to perform fund raising for the swim club?
Yes, like all non-profit organizations, the Marlins need money to pay the coaches, purchase equipment and pay the Health Park for the use of the pool. There is one fund raiser held in the Fall season and various other opportunities to raise money for the club.