Marlins were fast and furious at the Fast and Furious Meet

Coach Patsy Elliott

What an incredible meet!! I was very impressed with all the swimmers’ performances. We had over 60 swimmers in the meet and 27 were new swimmers. A lot of lifetime best times, new events swimmers swam, and state cuts were achieved. Excited about the future of this team after reflecting on each swimmer! The Marlins is definitely on the move….


Weston Akers is a first year competitive swimmer and did a great job.  He swam the 50 breast which can be challenging for a first year swimmer but he did it the first time legally. YEAH!! He also swam on the winner relay for the 11-12 boys. Love his passion for swimming and also focusing on technique.


Annabelle Anderson had a great meet for her first meet as a competitive year round swimmer.  Being a natural breaststroke, it is no surprise that was her best event of the meet.   She always gives her best effort in practice! More great swims in her future.


Raidyn Bailey showed a strong swim in the 50 backstroke.  He looked great in the water.  He has come a long way and puts forth a great effort in practice. 


Annabelle Baur has been working hard all summer on her technique and it showed in the meet this weekend. She cut a lot of time in all events with the biggest drop in the 100 back.  She works hard but always with a smile on her face.  


Max Baur  “kicked” in some great swims.  If you have seen Max swim, you know why I used “kick” for him.  He has a strong kick and it led to four lifetime best performances that included a 26.82 in 50 free. He has really shown a strong commitment to swimming faster. 


Noah Bevil is always ready to race and race it did this weekend. He had four lifetime best performances and added the 100 IM to his list of events.  I love how he has taken ownership of his swimming at an earlier age.


Ryleigh Bevil likes to challenge herself and this meet was no exception.  She swam the 400 IM which is a beast, and swam it with an impressive time.  The 400 IM is one of the toughest swimming events because you need versatility and incredible stamina. Also, this was Ryleigh first meet swimming in the 13-14 age group and she dominated by being the high point winner in that age group. 


Keaton Boling also worked extremely hard in practice and it paid off. He shows up to practice and gets to work.  This work ethic led him to 5 lifetime best performances with significant time dropped. He is also committed to swimming faster. 


Bellah Bowman had an incredible meet with obtaining two more state cuts.  She was focused on getting her 50 free and 100 free times down and mission accomplished!! She also had an impressive 200 IM which led to a state cut. 


Miller Bowman showed it was “Miller” time to get some senior state cuts. .   He led the boys relay with a 22.33 in 50 free which is a Senior state cut. He had two more lifetime best performances in 100 back and free. He achieved the state cut in 100 back also.  He also tackled the beast, 400 IM with a great time.


Grace Bullock had an amazing meet. She is another swimmer that shows up to practices and puts in the work.  She dropped significant times in all her events with the biggest drop being in the 100 back with 24 seconds. She was on fire and it was fun to watch her dominating in the pool.


Grant Bullock loves to race.  Grant has worked hard all summer improving his fly and breast.  Not only did he swim both strokes for the first time in a meet, he placed in the top 8 in them. 


Noah Camron had solid swims this weekend. He had two lifetime performances and successful swam breast events in the meet.  He finished strong on the 9-10 free relay with a best time. 


Jude Carrico did an amazing job as his first time as a Marlin swimmer. You wouldn’t know by his events that it was his first meet. He competed in the 200 free which was impressive for a young first year swimmer and placed SECOND!! WOW!!


Olly Childress loves to swim and race. He is only seven but shows no fear of swimming 50 yards in a meet.  He had a solid swim in the 50 free and dropped time in his 25 free and 25 back. At the end of the meet, he came up to me and asked, “When is our next meet?” Love his enthusiasm for swimming!!


Trevor Church is a force to be reckoned with in the pool with five top 3 finishes, and 3 state cuts. Not only is he impressive in the pool, he is also strong on deck.  He is constantly motivating  and encouraging his team mates to go the extra mile to achieve their goals.  Pure Trevor style, he leads by the example. He swam the mile at the end of the meet and achieved a state cut.  Trevor is a sprinter and it is rare that you see a sprinter in the mile. 


Jana Coomes had a solid performance. She also has been working hard in practice and drop time in her 50 breast and right on her 100 free best time. She swam on the 11-12 free relay that placed second.


Claire Coyne is quiet out of the pool but in the pool she lets her presence known with fast swimming. She had three top eight finishes. She was on the winning 9-10 free relay. She is also a natural breaststroke, and swam it for the first time and was a little over 4 seconds away from the state cut. 


Vince Coyne is also coming into his own as a swimmer.  He competed in the 500 free which is the longest event for his age group.  He kept a consistent pace the entire 500 and missed the state cut by ½ of a second. He had four lifetime performances and placed in the top six in 8 out 8 of his events. 


Jeremy Danetz understood the assignment on swimming in a fast and furious meet.  He swam fast and furious, by competing in five events and achieving lifetime best performances. He also achieved a milestone by breaking a minute in the 100 free. 


Caden Embry knows how to catch a baseball  and showed this weekend he knows how to catch the water in his events. Catching the water helped him pull his way to 8 out of 8 lifetime best performances. 


Alexis Geiger has a lifetime best performance in the 50 free.  She also made a debut in the 100 free. She is showing great improvement every practice.  You can find her on deck cheering for her teammates. 


Evie Geiger had a strong performance in the free relay with a best time.  She also was close to her best times in 50 free and 50 back.  Keep up the good work. 


Maxwell Geiger had a 6th place finish in the 25 free.  He was right on his best time. Max has been focused in practice.  He has a bright future as a swimmer. 


Wade Harper was back in action but this time in the 11-12 age group.  Coach Patsy challenged him to do the 500 free and he swam consistently throughout the race. He had five  lifetime best performances, and four top 8 finishes. Coming to practice consistently helped him with his achievements this weekend! Keep showing up!


Parker Hayden finally found the right counter for his 500 free to help him get a lifetime best time.  His backstroke was his strength at this meet with a fifth place finish in 200 back and eighth in 100 back. Keep carrying the boats and logs!!


Bailey Hayes made her debut as a Marlin swimmer this weekend. She has made great gains and placed sixth in all three events she swam.  She has really shown great improvement by keeping her head in the water and breathing to the side.  


Hunter Hayes also made her debut as a Marlin swimmer along with her sister.  Working hard in practice gave her the confidence to swim the 200 free. Impressive for the first meet competing.  She is constantly working to improve her swimming. 


Thais Herrera competed as a first time competitive Marlin swimmer. She did an excellent job competing in the 50 free and 50 back. She works hard in practice trying to improve her speed and technique. 


Gabby Hodskins swam her first meet as a Marlin.. Although she was on the team last year she didn’t compete.  Working hard in practice gave her confidence to compete in 50 free and 50 back.  


Isabella Hodskins also swam her first meet as a Marlin along with her sister. She overcame her fear and swam great in the 100 back, 100 free, and of course her favorite stroke, 50 breast.  Wonder where the love of breaststroke came from? Her mom!!


Kevin Hudson was a member of the winning 8 and under free relay. He also had a lifetime best performance in the 50 free. Keep up the hard work.


Lawson Hudson has been working hard in practice. He had a eight second time drop in the 50 back.  Keep working on your technique in practice.


Ella Jit is a new competitive swimmer and debut as a Marlin.  She has improved tremendously from the first practice.  She was on the free relay that placed second. She also had solid performances in 50 back and 50 free. 


Ella Johnson dominated the 13 and over taking the high point winner trophy claiming all first place wins in her events.  She had a lifetime best performance in the beast, 400 IM, and the 200 breast.  Keep dominating!! 


Anne Ladnier had an overall solid performance. She was on the both winning relays for the 13 and over.  She had four lifetime best performances and conquered the 100 fly. 


Ethan Lippert had a very impressive meet.  He had six out of six lifetime best performances and three top 8 finishes.  He 


Catherine Mayfield is a new Marlin swimmer. She was nervous before her 50 free. After she swam very well, realizing it wasn’t that bad she was ready to race again. She gained one of the life lessons swimming gives you is self-confidence. 


Ben Meyer was the youngest swimmer in the meet but has one of the biggest hearts for swimming.  He was the high point winner for 6 and under. Coach Wendy and him make a great team. 


Chloe Meyer made her debut as a Marlin swimmer. She was the anchor of the free relay that placed second.  She had strong performances in 50 free and 50 back.  


Leo Padgett came to race this weekend.  He had five out of five lifetime best performances, and four top 8 finishes.  He is on his way to reaching his goals of achieving a Senior state cut. Keep showing up and putting in the work.


Stella Padgett’s work ethic paid off with two lifetime best performances.  She also made a debut in the 100 back. She has a lot more fast swims in her future with her focus and drive to improve in practice. 

Chaney Poole is a new member of the Marlins and has caught the swimming bug.  Her drive to compete is fierce and showed this weekend in the water by missing the top 8 by 1 place in 100 free. She also competed in the 50 free and 50 back.


Nadia Preda dominated the 9-10 claiming the high point winner with 200 points.  She had all first place wins in 10 events with debuts in 200 IM and 50 fly. Turning 11 before state, she is focusing on getting a 11-12 state cut and came close in breaststroke.  


Vera Preda showed she had a competitive side in the 25 breast which she dropped almost 4 seconds.  She had four top 5 finishes and lifetime best performance in 25 free. Just keep swimming!!


Vali Preda traded his coaching’s hat for a swim cap. With the whole team cheering him on, he was victorious in the 100 breast and 200 breast. Great job!!


Gianna Reffitt smilingly swam her way to 3 lifetime best performances and five top 3 finishes.  She was also a member of the both winning relays in the 8 and under. Just keep smiling and swim on…


Landon Reffitt made waves in the 13 and over claiming three top three finishes.  He swam a lifetime best performance in 50 free. Landon has learned one of the important life lessons swimming is time management by juggling work, school, and working on acceptance into the Naval Academy and makes time  needed to train in the pool to reach his goals.  


Olivia Refitt had solid performances with placing in the top 8 in all 6 out of 6 of her events.  She had lifetime best performances in her 100 breast and 50 breast.  Breaststroke is a family favorite at the Refitt household. 


Izzy Reynolds took a risk on swimming two strokes: breaststroke and butterfly in this meet.  She put in a good effort and very proud of her for attempting those strokes at a longer distance than she is used to. 


Noah Satterly is back racing again after taking the summer off.  He contributed to the second place finish in the relays.  He has had top 6 places in his backstroke events. Glad to have in “back” in the pool!!


Caleb Sosh had impressive swims with lifetime best performances in three events.  His 200 breast was his standout swim with a 9 ½ second drop and 6 seconds from a state cut.  


Ace Vanover was pumped to compete in the 25 fly in the meet.  It is great when younger swimmers want to swim the fly in a meet. He placed  seventh in the 25 free and was on the winning free relay for 7-8.


Hadley Waites is a first year Marlin swimmer.  She swam the 50 back and 50 free.  She has really improved since the first practice and glad she decided to compete in the meet. 


Davis Wells loves being in the water and swimming.  He is also a first year swimmer but not his first meet.  He competed in the Race meet in the 7-8 age group but moved up to the 9-10 age group this meet. He swam the 50 back and 50 free. 


Lucy Whitaker  dropped a significant amount in her events with five lifetime best performances.  She also was on the winning relays for the 13 and over age group.  


Michael Wilkey had strong swims in his events. He competed in the 50 free and 50 back with lifetime performance in both. Keep working hard and time will continue to drop.


X’Zander Wilson is a first year swimmer and eager to swim as much as possible.  When he wasn’t swimming in the meet, he was swimming in the cool down lane.  You can also hear him encouraging his teammates on deck.  He had a lifetime best performance in 50 free and made a debut in 100 free.


Evlyn Zborowski  swam a  full schedule of events but it didn’t stop her from achieving 7 out of 7 lifetime best performances.  She obtained another state cut in the 200 IM and came really close in the 500 free.  Her work ethic is the contributing factor to a successful meet.


Pius Zborowski continues to dominate the 7-8 age group with 5 first place finishes.  He had five lifetime performances and competed in three new events.  He was born to compete. Great job!!