On May 27, 2010 several members of the Middle School Group completed their first ever T30.   Others are seasoned veterans at the set but still gave 100% to complete the timed 30 minute swim.  Way to go swimmers!!! This was competed at the HP in the 25 meter pool.


Lizzie Leathers

1825 meters

Bailey Dotson

1700 meters

Hayden Carmon

1650 meters

Maris Dees

1550 meters

Charlie Hall

1550 meters

Graham Reynolds

1500 meters

Olivia Wilson

1500 meters

Ben Duncan

1500 meters

Emma Carmon

1450 meters

Annie Pfeifer

1400 meters

Emma Fenwick

1400 meters

Cooper Howard

1350 meters

Beeje Wenberg

1300 meters


The stingray group was challenged to a T15 and did an awesome job! 

This was the first endurance challenge of any kind for this group.


Katie Hampel

675 meters

Grant Luckett

650 meters

Aaron Brown

600 meters

Landon Rafferty

525 meters

Danny Brown

525 meters

Emma Leathers

475 meters

Tyler Bash

400 meters