Introduction of the Flex Membership to all swimmers effective September 1, 2019

As a member of USA Swimming, all of our swimmers must have some type of USA Swimming membership.  In the past, we have registered our swimmers with a year-round membership or Seasonal Membership depending on when they joined the team. This year, USA Swimming has rolled out a new, less expensive but limited option called the Flex Membership.   Any athlete that is registered with the Flex Membership, including Senior Prep, will have to re-register in our normal registration cycle August/September to continue swimming after August.

Flex Membership: This is the new membership category.  The Flex Membership is similar to the Premium (year-round membership) as it also an annual membership. There are restrictions, however.  A swimmer registered on the Flex Membership can only participate in 2 meets – They must be RACE Aquatics meets (swimmer may participate in unlimited Developmental meets and they will not count as one of the 2 sanctioned meets). If the swimmer wishes to participate in more than two of the Race Aquatics meets (USA Sanctioned), then the swimmer will have to upgrade to a Premium Membership. Also, for a swimmer to participate in the KYLSC State Meet level they will have to upgrade to the Premium membership. Cost of a Flex Membership is $70.  

Upgrading from the Flex Membership: A swimmer who starts on a Flex Membership may upgrade to a Premium Membership by paying the difference between the two memberships ($70).

Premium Membership: This is the traditional year-round membership.  Swimmers registered with a Premium Membership receive all USA Swimming benefits without any meet restrictions.  Swimmers may compete in unlimited meets and at any level of USA Swimming sanctioned meets (some meets require qualifying times).  The cost of the Premium Membership is $140.


Now the juggling of the various membership types to help you get the most for your money.  Why is this necessary?  When setting up the rules around the Flex membership, USA Swimming did not take into consideration that swimmers who are renewing their memberships still actually have time remaining in their current memberships until December 31, 2019 (Annual). The software that USA Swimming employs is designed to immediately override an older membership with the renewed membership. This has never been a problem before as neither the Annual or Seasonal memberships had any meet quantity restrictions. Since the Flex membership does have the 2-meet limit, we want to keep the swimmer’s current (2019) membership as long as possible.

We will collect the USA Swimming membership fee at the time of your registration.  That will not change.  However, we will be manipulating the actual submission of the fee and the form to USA Swimming for their benefit.

1. Swimmers who are currently Annual (Premium) members and opt to remain Premium Members: There is no benefit in delaying the 2020 registration, so we will submit them in a timely manner.

2. Swimmers who are currently Annual (Premium) members and opt to register as Flex members: We can hold the 2020 USAS registration until the end of this year.  Why? Because the swimmer will be able to go to as many meets as they would like from September through December.  The 2-meet limit on the Flex membership will not begin until January, 2020.

3. Swimmers just joining our club this fall:  The swimmer/parent can choose either the Flex or Premium membership, depending on which better meets your needs. Remember, you can always start with Flex then upgrade to Premium.

A scenario: To see how all this works, assume Susie Swimmer has a 2019 Annual (Premium) USAS membership.  Her parents decide to register with the Flex membership for 2020.  RACE Aquatics will collect the $70 fee for Susie's Flex membership at the time she completes all the other Registration requirements for the club.  Slightly before December 31, 2019, the club will send Susie's renewal to USA Swimming and she will be covered by her Flex membership beginning in January, 2020.  From September through December, 2019, Susie may swim in as many USA Swim Meets as she pleases (except Nationals) because she is still enrolled as a full 2018 member.  Beginning in January, Susie can compete in two more USA Sanctioned Swim Meets (must be RACE Aquatics Meets) while on the Flex membership.  If she wishes to swim more than those 2 meets, or wishes to compete at the KYLSC Championship meet or some higher-level meet, she will have to upgrade to the Premium membership.