II. Silver

  1. Attendance (once in the group)—completes at least 3 practices/week with consistently good effort
  2. Attitude
    1. Arrives for practice prepared and punctual
    2. Pays attention and tries hard
    3. Focuses on technical improvements
    4. Begins season-long goalsetting
    5. Encourages and cheers teammates
  3. Skills
    1. Executes a head first dive
    2. Swims 100 yards of front crawl with alternate-side breathing and flip turns
    3. Swims 100 yards of backstroke with flip turns and legal finishes
    4. Swims legal breaststroke
    5. Swims rudimentary butterfly
    6. Performs simple drills

a. 12/3/12 on crawl and back

b. Fists on free and back

c. Two kicks and one pull on breast

d. Hand-lead body dolphin for breast and fly

e. Shoulder and pit press balance and kick for free and back

f. One-arm swimming in all strokes

                D. Knowledge

                                1.   Uses pace clock to monitor sendoffs using multiples of 30 and 60

                                2.   Calculates times from those sendoffs

3.   Leaves five seconds behind next swimmer in lane

4.   Knows stroke order of im

                                5.   Knows two-handed touch rule for breast and fly and proper backstroke finish

E.    Training

                                1.  Swims continuously when assigned; refrains from stopping or breaking stroke

                                2.  Performs basic dryland movements with developing proficiency, range of motion, and speed of movement

                                3. 5 x 1 im @ 3:00 (make all)

                                5. 3 x 4 cr @ 10:00 (make all)

                                6. Runs a half mile nonstop

                F.   Has competed in a sanctioned meet