Promoting fitness, discipline, teamwork and leadership through competitive swimming.

RACE Aquatics is a competitive year round swim club located in Bowling Green, Kentucky. RACE Aquatics is a member of USA and Kentucky Swimming. Our experienced coaches and instructors offer complete aquatics programming for all ages and skill levels. Interested in becoming a team member? For more information you may: use the Contact Us feature below.



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Optional Dryland Practice for Saturday, March 28; Fitter and Faster broadcasts for next week

RACE Optional Dryland Workout for Saturday, March 28 Warm-up (10 min): 3 minutes progressing from jog to moderate running pace 20 mountain climbers (strive...

By Neil Romney

Optional Dryland Workout for Friday, March 27

Pull-ups Accessible at Home For those lacking a pull-up bar at home, backyard, or nearby park, the photo accompanying this news item depicts a...

By Neil Romney

Optional Dryland Workout for Thursday, March 26; equipment checkout protocol

RACE Optional Dryland Workout for Thursday, March 25 Warm-up (10 min)—twice through the following cycle: 48 hips swings (12 forward-back and 12 side-to-side on...

By Neil Romney

Optional Dryland Workout for Wednesday, March 25; optional equipment checkout, Wednesday, March 25, noon to 1 pm at WCAC

RACE Optional Dryland Workout., Wednesday, March 25 Warm-up (10 min): 3 cycles of the following: Jog for 60 seconds 6 alligator stretches from push-up...

By Neil Romney

Optional dryland for Tuesday; dryland equipment checkout available on Wednesday for interested athletes

RACE Optional Dryland Workout., Tuesday, March 24 Warm-up (10 min) (do all down and back on an 80yd course—for the sideward movements, lead with...

By Neil Romney


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