Due to multiple requests, private lessons are now being offered by RACE Aquatics.  After evaluating the time in the water, number of trips to the pool each month and the amount of individual attention each swimmer was receiving through group lessons, we determined that the private lesson option was most beneficial for the swimmer's progress and the parent's time.  You can now schedule 2 private lessons for your swimmer at the same cost the group lessons were previously offered.  Your swimmer is now able to receive the same amount of instruction in 2 private lessons that they were receiving in 8 group lessons and now the lesson is focused solely on them.  You are able to schedule multiple private lessons per month and typically 3 lessons are offered at each time slot available, hoping to allow the families with multiple children to have their swimmers in the water at the same time no matter their skill level. Each lesson is 25 minutes, scheduled on 30 minute intervals and priced at $26.50 each(including KY sales tax).  Please click the 'Lessons Registration' link to be directed through the process of registration.