Welcome to Learn-To-Swim!!

Here you will find information to prepare you for your first day of lessons including our location, deck procedures, safety precautions, and the payment process.


Location: 303 Lovers Lane, Bowling Green, KY 42103

We are to the left (behind the WCPS - Central Office) in the 212 Academy building.


Here are a few administrative items for you as we prepare for your first class:

Communication: Our primary method of communication will be email should we need to communicate any changes in classes/schedule. If anything comes up, please email [email protected] 

Cancellation Policy: All group lessons must be canceled within the first week of a session to ensure a refund. This allows us time to inform the instructors, adjust the schedule as needed, and offer the class space to another lesson family. Exceptions only made in emergency circumstances.
Make-Up Lesson Policy: Make-up classes will only be scheduled for cancellations made due to illness or emergency situations (and in the event that the program must cancel the lessons). Please plan your vacations and sign up for sessions accordingly. For group lessons, if you will be missing part of a session due to a vacation, school commitment, etc., we ask that you either skip the session so that another family can attend the full session, or you will forfeit the fees for the missed lessons.
Disciplinary PolicyDue to recurring behavioral problems, we will be implementing a new disciplinary policy during both group and private lessons. This policy will include a "3 Warning Rule" and can be implemented by any instructor on the pool deck. Once your child receives 3 warnings, the instructor has the jurisdiction to sit your child out on the bleachers for a specified period of time, or for the remainder of the lesson. The goal of the lessons program is to teach your child how to swim; when we are continuously reprimanding children, this is taking away from the other children's, or their own, learning time. To prevent our instructors from needing to implement this policy, please ensure that your children remain sitting on the wall at all times when it is not their turn, remain quiet when the instructor is teaching, and keep all hands to themselves. 
Deck Procedures: When you enter the pool deck, there will be a set of bleachers on the right side of the pool closest to the lesson lane. This is where parents are expected to sit during the entirety of the lesson to supervise their children or be available in case of emergency. Children are expected to arrive ~5 minutes early to lessons in order to get appropriately dressed (swimsuit, cap, & goggles as applicable) and be ready to begin lessons at their start time. Children will also be expected to remain sitting on the bleachers until their instructor calls them over to the lanes. 
Children on Premises (even those not in lessons): If your child arrives early or you have other children who are not in lessons, please help the coaching staff with monitoring your children while they are on deck. As a private organization, we offer a better coaching / participant ratio than many other swim clubs (lessons programs). With this, we reduce our need for external lifeguards on deck. However, we need your help to monitor any siblings / children on deck (not in our care).  We will watch the ones in the water, you need to help us monitor the behaviors of the ones on the premises. Please limit jumping on the bleachers, climbing on rails, standing at pool side hovering over other lessons / training groups. Also, please be sure to keep children inside the building and from running in hallways. There will be meetings and professional development classes in the front classrooms. Children should not be in parking lots between cars nor throwing rocks from landscaping areas. Children that are not participating in lessons are not allowed to touch or be in the water under any circumstances.
Payment Process: Payment is due at time of Registration. Lessons are $50 a month for 8 lessons per session, everything is done online.
Thunderstorms/Inclement Weather: Should we experience a thunderstorm, Warren County School District has a policy that we must clear the pool. If a thunderstorm is detected within 10 miles of our facility, we are forced to evacuate. This is for your safety. Contrary to some belief, indoor pools aren't really 'grounded'.  We will also clear the pool and the pool deck in the event of a power failure. In the event of thunderstorms, we will have a 30 minute wait policy for each sight (of lightning or sound of thunder). Sometimes we may adjust the schedules depending on radar projections. Should we see a large storm cell heading our way - we may cancel / postpone lessons in advance. Again, our major communication method is using email. If there is inclement weather in the forecast, please be checking your email around the time of lessons to reduce unnecessary driving if we cancel. Other communication may involve signs posted on the doors entering the building / pool.