RACE Aquatics - Nat Love Memorial Scholarship Award

Awarded to a RACE Aquatics member in their senior year of high school for use in furthering their educational interests.


Award Criteria

Applicants will be judged on: 

1.Team leadership as demonstrated through practice habits, meet attendance, and team support.

2.Academic achievement.

3.Swimming performance.


To be considered, applicants must have been a RACE member for at least 2 consecutive years and have represented RACE in a USA competitive meet during their senior year in either a short-course or long-course meet


Application Guidelines

Any interested swimmer who meets the above eligibility requirements should submit a letter of application addressed to the RACE board that addresses the 3 stated criteria for the award.  Included in this letter should be the swimmer’s plans for further education.  This is usually due early April.


Award winners will be determined by a committee comprised of a member of the coaching staff, a board member, and a representative from Nat’s Outdoor Sports.  The committee may, based on applications and eligibility, choose to split the award or make no award at all.  Award announcement and presentation will take place during the Spring Banquet.


Past Award Winners

2011 Will Brown (WKU)

2012 Natalie Perkins (WKU)

2013 Giuliana D'Adamio (Centre College)

2014 Eric Spiller (WKU)

2015 Koki White (WKU)

2016 Seth Jones (Campbellsville Univeristy)

2017 Jack McGuinness (UK), Rosie Gary (Asbury University), Ashley Spiller (Alabama)

2019 Trey Wolfram (University of the Cumberlands), Allison Zinobile (Murry)

2020 Neil Wolfram (Miami Ohio)

2022: Hannah Gardner (Southern Indiana) & Drew Wolfram (Bellarmine)