practice schedule changes, jasper kudos, ky state approaches

Neil Romney
Jan 9, 2019

Practice Schedule Changes

Wednesday, January 16 (teacher planning day)--Sr 8-10:30 am; Jr 8:30-10:30 am; G/S/B at their regular times; HS practice will be 3:15-4:45 for RACE/HS swimmers wanting to do a double practice

Monday, January 21 (MLK Day)--we're pushing back the Jr/Sr practice to 1-3 pm (jr) and 12:30-3 pm (sr) to give late-returning Carmel finallists a chance to sleep in

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Jasper Meet Kudos

Earning RACE Swimmer of the Meet was 12-year-old McKinley Brooks, who raced to 100% individual PRs (10 for 10) including jaw-dropping improvements in the 1 br, dropping 5 (92.32); the 1 fr, dropping 4 (70.60); and the 50 fr, dropping 2 (31.92).

RACE RelayBig honors went to 12-year-old Caroline Calloway, who led off the 2 fr relay in a legitimate PR (28.60) and crushed her br leg of the medley, dropping 4 to 92.32. Sarah Zoellner earned the Garguantuan Swim award for her 23-second drop in the 2 fl (2.38.22).

Other RACE achievements include the following:

Completing new events: Juliette Barry, Brian Bosse, Evan Cardona, Steven Cardona, Aleia Harper

100% Individual PRs: Juliette Berry, McKinley Brooks, Lily Fogle, Canaan Timberlake

100% relay PRs: Peyton Black, Caroline Calloway, Steven Cardona, Canaan Timberlake, Sarah Zoellner

New USA Swimming A times: Canaan Timberlake

Top-8 placers: Peyton Black, Brian Bosse, Heidi Brooks, McKinley Brooks, Caroline Calloway, Evan Cardona, Lily Fogle, Canaan Timberlake, Carolina Wheeler, Leah Witcher, Allison Zinobile, Sarah Zoellner

Medallists: Brain Bosse, Heidi Brooks, Caroline Calloway, Canaan Timberlake, Leah Witcher, Allison Zinobile, Sarah Zoellner

Event winners—Brian Bosse, Canaan Timberlake, Leah Witcher

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KY State qualifiers

KY State Championships

These meets are only two months away with Carmel, SKY, Race to State, and the Owensboro Last Chance the remaining qualifying opportunities. The above link shows 12 swimmers currently qualified. In the next 6 weeks, I am confident we can double that number and greatly expand the range of qualified events for current qualifiers. These two meets are our team championship meets and represent a significant but attainable level of proficiency for all RACE swimmers who consistently embrace the preparation process.