R2S kudos, qualifiers, upcoming meets and deadlines, this week's practice schedule

Neil Romney
Feb 19, 2019

Race to State Kudos

First meet—Ella King

Completing new events: Hannah Arendt, Artemiy Arefkin, Anna Arendt, Luke Ashley, Brian Bosse, Aiden Davis, Emory Gardner, Kali Goad, Joelle Haddad, Ethan Ketterman, Ella King, Caden Mosely, Ella Payne, Ava Salyer, Isaac Shourds, Abigail Sturm, Mallory Williams

100% Individual PRs: Anna Arendt, Peyton Black, Addison Browning, Aiden Davis, Kali Goad, Joelle Haddad, Sam Humble, Canaan Timberlake

100% relay PRs: Peyton Black, Caroline Calloway, Steven Cardona, Canaan Timberlake, Sarah Zoellner

New KY State cuts: Peyton Black, Ethan Brown, Caden Mosely, Maddie Osmun, Canaan Timberlake, Carolina Wheeler, Sarah Zoellner

New Senior Sectional cuts: Logan Hughes, Neal Wolfram

Event wins: Landon Badstibner, Logan Hughes, Luke Shourds, Canaan Timberlake, Leah Witcher, Trey Wolfram, Drew Wolfram, Neal Wolfram, Allison Zinoble, Sarah Zoellner

Event winners: Brian Bosse, Canaan Timberlake, Leah Witcher

Team records: Trey Wolfram, Luke Shourds, Neal Wolfram

Spirit Award—Kali Goad (for vociferous cheering for many races including the early-Sunday mile

Gargantuan Swim Award—Ethan Ketterman, dropping 23 seconds in his 50 ba (59.91) to break the minute barrier and take 3rd overall

RelayBig—Sarah Zoellner

  • Dropped 2 seconds in br leg of med (35.88)
  • Dropped 1.2 seconds in fr relay (27.32)

Swimmer of the Meet—Canaan Timberlake

  • 100% individual and relay PRs
  • Won 50 br (29.80) and 2 br (2.28.75), the latter a 7-second drop
  • New KY State cuts in 1 fl (65.02) and 2 fr (2.04.45), the latter an 8-second drop
  • Anchored 2 fr relay in blistering 23.93

Meet results files are posted on the Events (Archived) page. Congratulations to all who competed in our last home meet of the season. 

State and Sectional qualifiers and the qualified events I am aware of. If your swimmer has additional cuts not shown, please email me.


Peyton Black—1 and 2 fl

Madison Bush—5 and 16.5 fr; 2 ba; 4 im

Emory Gardner—50 fr; 50 and 1 br

Hannah Gardner—1 br

Madeline Osmun—50 and 1 fr; 1 ba

Allison Zinobile—2 fl

Sarah Zoellner—1 and 2 fl

Landon Badstibner—2, 5, 10, and 16.5 fr; 1 and 2 ba; 1 and 2 fl; 2 and 4 im

Logan Flesher—50 and 1 fr; 1 ba; 1 fl

Logan Hughes—1 and 2 br; 1 and 2 fl; 2 and 4 im

Ethan Luis—50, 1, 2, 5, 10, and 16.5 fr; 2 ba; 1 and 2 br; 2 and 4 im

Luke Shourds—50, 1, 2, 5, 10, and 16.5 fr; 1 and 2 ba; 1 and 2 br; 1 and 2 fl; 2 and 4 im

Canaan Timberlake—50 and 2 fr; 1 and 2 br; 1 fl; 2im

Trey Wolfram—2, 5, and 16.5 fr; 1 and 2 fl

Drew Wolfram—1 and 2 ba; 1 and 2 fl; 4 im

Neal Wolfram—2, 5, 10, and 16.5 fr; 1 and 2 ba; 2 fl; 2 and 4 im

Ethan Brown—1 fl

Caden Mosely—1 ba

Carolina Wheeler—2 fl

Florida Senior Sectionals

Madison Bush—1 and 2 ba

Chloe Cummings—1 ba

Logan Hughes—50, 1, and 2 br; 2 fl; 2 im

Logan Flesher—1 ba; 50 and 1 fl

Madeline Osman—50 fr

Luke Shourds—50, 1, 2, 5 fr; 50, 1, and 2 br; 50, 1, and 2 fl; 2 and 4 im

Canaan Timberlake—1 br

Leah Witcher—1 ba

Drew Wolfram—1 and 2 ba; 1 and 2 fl

Neal Wolfram—50, 1, 2, 5, 10, and 16.5 fr; 50, 1, and 2 ba; 2 fl; 4 im

Trey Wolfram—50, 1, and 2 fl

Upcoming meets and registration deadlines:

Oboro 3/2-3/3--deadline passed; please email me today with desired day(s) if you would still like to get in

Senior Sectional 3/7-3/10--deadline 2/23

12U State 3/15-3/17--deadline 3/3

13O State 3/22-3/24--deadline 3/10

We will practice through March and take a week off during the WCPS Spring Break 4/1-4/6

Practice this week:

There will be no Jr/Sr practice Thursday/Friday, but Jr/Sr swimmers not at HS State are encouraged to practice with the Gold group (4:45-6:30 pm). Gold, Silver, and Bronze practice will be on the regular schedule Thursday and Friday. There will be no practice for any group Saturday.