senior sectional kudos and february attendance honor roll/swimmer of the month

Neil Romney
Mar 14, 2019

Senior Sectionals Kudos

The boys team placed 10th overall out of approximately 50 teams.

Despite not having swum LCM since last summer, all participants had at least one PR:

  • Madison Bush dropped 2 seconds in her 2 fr (2.25.01)
  • Canaan Timberlake dropped 11 in his 1 br (76.34)
  • Logan Flesher dropped half a second in his 1 ba (65.89) and 50 fl (27.90)
  • Drew Wolfram dropped 1.5 in his 1 fl (60.52) and earned second swims in the 1 fl, 2 fl, and 2 ba
  • Trey Wolfram joined the Minute Club in his 1 fl (59.79) and also dropped in his 2 fl (2.13.31) and scored in all 3 fl races
  • Neal Wolfram set TRs in the 50 (29.54) and 1 ba (61.32) and earned bronze medals in both the 8 (8.33.11) and 15 (16.32.10)
  • Luke Shourds set TRs in the 50 br (30.33), 1 br (66.87), and 4 im (4.41.20) and medalled in 4 events

Two boys relays also set TRs:

  • 2 med of Neal Wolfram, Luke Shourds, Trey Wolfram, and Logan Flesher (1.54.01)
  • 4 med of Drew Wolfram, Luke Shourds, Trey Wolfram, and Neal Wolfram (55.13)

Click here for individual, relay, and full meet results (all of which are also posted on the archived events page). 

RACE February 2019 Attendance Kudos




Logan Flesher

Madison Bush

Heidi Brooks

Leah Witcher

Logan Hughes

Trey Wolfram

Caroline Calloway

Luke Shourds

McKinley Brooks

Canaan Timberlake

Drew Wolfram

Isaac Shourds

Hannah Andrews

Neal Wolfram

Warren Gregory-Mabrey

Anna Arendt

Allison Zinobile

Cari Willett

Lily Fogle

Peyton Black

Allen Bedard

Quinn Gregory-Mabrey

Sam Blackburn

Leng Hom

Hannah Gardner

Nora McCutcheon

Sam Humble

Carolina Wheeler

Caden Moseley

Artemiy Arefkin

Artit Kyaw

Ella King

Naw Eh

Saw Ri

For attendance quantification, Bronze, Silver, and Gold are recorded by the practice; Junior and Senior are recorded to the nearest 15-minute increment to provide a more precise measure of the total training stimulus. All groups include high school hours in the swimmers’ totals for those attending high school practices.

RACE Swimmer of the Month—February 2019

Warren Gregory-Mabrey

  • Outstanding practice attendance
  • First-ever State Cut at Oboro in 1 fl in his first try at that event (1.48.45)
  • Narrowly missed State cuts in 50 fl (43.47) and 1 fr (83.00) at Oboro
  • 6 PRs at Race to State including 7 off in 50 br (60.51), 4 off in 1 im (1.41.54), and 3 off in 50 ba (45.81)