13-and-over State kudos

Neil Romney
Mar 26, 2019

13+Over KY State Kudos

We scored 339 points and placed 7th in the combined-team standings with 359 points on 56% prelim PRs, 50% final PRs, and 80% relay PRs. Paducah finished directly ahead of us with 542 points and Triton was 5th with 1022.  A worthy team goal for us in 2020 is 6th place en route to breaking into the top 5 in 2021. Achievement of these goals will require more qualifiers, more finalists, and more relays, all of which means we need to improve our technical skills, physical capacities, and event versatility. This means attending a higher percentage of practices and practicing more deliberately. The good news is that this process of daily rigor that develops outstanding swimmers also confers the important life skills for which our sport is renowned.   

Ethan Luis was RACE swimmer of the meet with 100% prelim PRs and point-scoring in 3 races. He dropped 11 seconds in the mile (18.44.96) for 9th; 5 seconds in the 2 br (2.28.33) for 12th; and 12 seconds in the 4 im (4.37.66) for 14th. He also contributed to 3 point-scoring 13-14 boys relays including team-record-setting 200 (2nd in 1.50.41) and 400 (4th in 3.54.85) medley relays.

Other highlights included:

100% prelim PRs—Hannah Gardner, Ethan Luis, Sarah Zoellner

100% relay PRs—Landon Badstibner, Peyton Black, Hannah Gardner, Madeline Osmun, Canaan Timberlake, Carolina Wheeler, Sarah Zoellner, and Isaac Shourds

Point-scorers (top 16)—Landon Badstibner, Hannah Gardner, Ethan Luis, Madeline Osmun, Luke Shourds, Canaan Timberlake, Neal Wolfram, and the girls 13-14 400 medley relay (Maddie Osmun, Hannah Gardner, Sarah Zoellner, and Carolina Wheeler), the boys 13-14 relays (Landon Badstibner, Canaan Timberlake, Peyton Black, and Ethan Luis), and the

boys open relays (Neal Wolfram, Luke Shourds, Logan Hughes, and Isaac Shourds)

Medallists (top 8)—Landon Badstibner, Luke Shourds, Canaan Timberlake, Neal Wolfram and the 13-14 boys 2 and 4 medley relays

Team-records—Luke Shourds, Canaan Timberlake, Neal Wolfram and the 13-14 boys 2 med and 4 fr relays (Landon Badstibner, Canaan Timberlake, Peyton Black, and Ethan Luis)

RACE Spirit Award—Hannah Gardner for getting the relays fired up on Saturday

RACE Gargantuan Swim—Canaan Timberlake, for dropping 2 more seconds in the 1 br (61.38) to place 5th, set a TR, and make his first USA Swimming AAA time standard

RACE RelayBig—Isaac Shourds, for his willingness to swim any leg and producing big PRs in all 3 boys open relays including 2-second drops in fr legs of both 4 fr (61.38) and 4 med (61.47) and a 1.5-second drop in the 2 fr (27.61).

Click here for individual and full results as well as top-10 all-time standings (includes all times swum by past and former RACE members, even those who no longer swim for RACE) and top times by athlete (shows all current RACE athletes).