March Attendance Honor Roll and Swimmer of the Month

Neil Romney
Apr 1, 2019

Please remember that there is no practice this week for any group. Enjoy your break. We will return to the regular practice schedule, Monday, April 8. 

RACE Swimmer of the Month—March 2019

McKinley Brooks

  • Attends consistently
  • Hustles and helps out
  • Aggressive polo and ultimate
  • First State cut at Oboro in 50 br (38.91) on 3rd try

RACE March 2019 Attendance Kudos




Heidi Brooks

Logan Hughes

Luke Shourds

Sam Humble

Ethan Luis

Isaac Shourds

Hannah Andrews

Neal Wolfram

Canaan Timberlake

Warren Gregory-Mabrey

McKinley Brooks

Caden Moseley

Caroline Calloway

Artemiy Arefkin

Hannah Gardner

Cari Willett

Juliette Berry

Leng Hom

Evan Cardona

Naw Eh

Saw Ri

Cody Ell

For attendance quantification, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Sr. Prep are recorded by the practice; Junior and Senior are recorded to the nearest 15-minute increment to provide a more precise measure of the total training stimulus for those two groups. During HS season, all groups will include HS hours in the swimmers’ totals for those attending any HS practices in a given month.

On occasion, I receive an inquiry from a Jr/Sr parent whose erception is that her swimmer attended more often than credited. Jr/Sr attenance data reflect only the time swimmers are at practice. There are at least three explanations to account for such discrepancies:

1) Swimmers may be dropped at the pool for practice but choose not to attend and yet not share that decision with their parents; instead they loiter in the lobby or locker room until practice has concluded. Coaches have no way to monitor this phenomenon unless one of the AWOL athlete's teammates reports it or the parent requests corroboration of specific days attended.

2) Swimmers attend but arrive late; while some tardies result from unavoidable scheduling conflicts, many reflect the swimmer's slow-walking the process from drop-off to warm-up start. On most days, whether weekday or Saturday, the majority of Jr/Sr swimmers are late, which will be reflected in a decreased attendance percentage.

3) Swimmers depart early. I have asked swimmers to notify me at the beginning of practice if they have to leave before practice concludes, but this is done on the honor system; there is no practical way to verify the validity of these requests. Beyond that, some swimmers fail to notify me in advance but rather "remember" that they have to leave early only when we get out of the water. Still others simply fail to appear for dryland and provide no notice. 

We devote considerable time to quantifying attendance and recognizing consistent attendance because it is the fundamental parameter in determing swimmer progression. We encourage parents with questions about their child's attendance to contact me so that we can compare data and correct our records if we have erred. Our goal is an accurate record of how often--and in the case of Jr/Sr swimmers for how long--each athlete participated in practice.