Sprintathon Kudos

Neil Romney
Apr 14, 2019

Completing new events—Anna Arendt, Juliette Berry, Evan Cardona, Evan Davis, Nora McCutcheon, Emily Steelman, Canaan Timberlake

100% PRs—Juliette Berry, Abigail Blankenship, Warren Gregory-Mabrey

Event wins—Artemiy Arefkin, Juliette Berry, Evan Davis, Warren Gregory-Mabrey, Luke Shourds

Best Dressed—Caden Moseley, Hanna Andrews

Most Spirited—McKinley Brooks

RelayBig—Ethan Ketterman, who dropped 3 seconds on each of his relay legs

                --22.82 on 1 fr

                --32.98 on 1 med

Gargantuan Swim—Juliette Berry, for dropping 13 seconds in her 1 im to go 1.47.05

Swimmer of the Meet—Cari Willett, who swam 4 PRs including drops of

  • 23 in 1 im (91.86)
  • 8 in 50 br (54.39)
  • 5 in 50 fl (38.81)

Meet results can be found on the Events page under the Archived tab or by clicking on individual, relay, or full results.  

To have Sprintathon donations count toward the top-fundraiser awards, please submit by tomorrow, Monday, April 15, either in the pool drop box or to Liz Fogle. We will recognize the top fundraisers later in the week after all donations received through tomorrow are tallied. 

Congratulations to Coach Powell for another successful birthday swim and to all meet participants for their fast and spirited racing. Thank you to all parents who helped make the first Sprintathon a success and to all donors for contributing to our pool and program.