PPRs, Spud Bucks, Jr/Sr Practice Gear, Meet Updates

Neil Romney
Apr 25, 2019

Pizza Point Relays (PPRs) Tallied to Date

On Team Saturdays, which occur during most Saturday practices, we do peer coaching and whole-team relays. For the relays, new teams are created each week using a balance of swimmers from each practice group. Points are awarded to each team for its place in each of five races, and each swimmer is credited with his or her team’s total for that week. Points are accumulated from week to week. If we do PPRs on a Saturday when some RACE swimmers are at a meet, those meet swimmers are credited with the average number of points/individual that day. The top-five point scorers at year’s end (August) will be treated to pizza at the end of a designated practice. With five Saturdays remaining in this year’s PPR program, the top-five are as follows:

Leng Hom—183

Trey Wolfram—172

Neal Wolfram—168

Brady Jones—164

Heidi Brooks—160

To view current point totals, click on the PPRs subtab under the Swimmers tab of the website.

Spud Bucks Introduced

Starting with this Saturday’s Developmental meet, meet participants will have the opportunity to earn one RACE spud buck per meet session. A spud buck is fake money that swimmers will “bank” over the course of the next 12 months and “spend” in bidding on junk food and other non-essentials at the annual RACE awards’ Spud Buck Auction, starting in May 2020.

The primary way a spud buck is earned is by beating one’s PR in an event the swimmer has chosen and communicated to the coach before the race. The purposes are several including helping athletes learn how to train a laserlike focus on a single race (and thereby learning how to do the same thing for one race after another); to incentivize reporting to the coach for debrief after each race; to encourage knowledge of assigned events, PRs, qualifying times, pacing strategies, etc.; to bribe them with extrinsic rewards for outstanding performance; and to introduce them to the thrills of gambling in a fashion with nothing but upside.

Occasionally, extra spud bucks may be awarded by the coach for such distinctions as smart pacing, outrageous drops, first-time qualifying times or new national standards, event wins, 100% relay-team wide PRs, team records, etc. The coaches will inform athletes of these special promotional offers.

Swimmers earning their spud bucks should remind the coach of that achievement when they report for debrief.

RACE Annual Awards Banquet—6 pm, Monday, May 6, at the Broadway United Methodist Church (1323 Melrose)

This event’s purpose is to recognize our swimmers for their efforts and accomplishments in LCM Season 2018 and SCY Season 2018-19. All RACE members and family are encouraged to attend.

Jr/Sr Equipment

Tempo trainer, Zoomers, drag sox, front mount snorkel, kickboard and pull buoy or combined buoy/board, hand paddles: at least half of our Jr/Sr athletes lack or fail to bring to practice one or more of the following training tools. Activities designed to use these tools are significantly less effective without them, not only for the swimmer without but for his or her teammates because the swimmer usually ends up swimming or kicking significantly faster or more slowly than those who are properly equipped, thus robbing teammates of lane racing opportunities and causing manifold passing problems in the lane. Despite my frequent reminders, some swimmers have gone months without correcting the problem. Help your swimmers maximize their practice productivity by click on the website’s “Team Gear” tab for a detailed description of each item and where to obtain it.

 Meet Information

  1. This Saturday’s Dev1 meet entries are posted on the wall at the pool and can be viewed on the Events page of the website. Warm-up will begin at 10 am with the meet start at 10:30 and conclusion by 11:30. Entries are posted under the Meet Schedule tab. There will be no Gold, Silver, or Bronze practice. Juniors and Seniors will practice at the usual 8-11 am time.
  2. Because of the Newburgh meet, there will be no practice on Saturday, May 4.
  3. If you missed the deadline for the May 17-19 Lexington meet and would still like to get in, email me asap.
  4. Entries for the Etown (6/14-6/16) meet are due Monday, May 6.  
  5. I learned today that we will not be able to swim in the NAC meet, June 20-22. It has been filled for 6 months, and we were not one of their invitees. I am researching alternatives for that weekend but have not been able to find any comparable (prelim-final format and strong competition) meets in Kentucky, Tennessee, or Indiana.