Weekly Update

Neil Romney
May 24, 2019

Practice-schedule notes:

  1. Monday, May 27, Memorial Day
  1. We will offer the regular pm practice schedule at WCAC for Gold, Silver, and Bronze groups.
  2. We will be starting outdoor practices at Russell Sims for participating Gold, Junior, and Senior swimmers. To offset pool rental fees, Russell Sims swimmers will be assessed a $100 surcharge per family for the summer; they will also need to complete, sign (by both swimmer and parent), and return to Coach Neil this waiver from the City of BG.
  1. May 27 through June 22
  1. WCAC: we will continue with the current pm practice schedule for Bronze, Silver, and Gold groups. For Jr/Sr, pm practices will be reduced to Tu/Th, 3:15-4:45. The Sat am schedule will also continue except on meet weekends.
  2. Russell Sims: Jr/Sr will practice 7-9:45 am and participating Gold, 7-9 am, Monday through Saturday. As noted above, afternoon practices for Seniors (and Juniors as an alternative to Russell Sims) will be Tu/Th 3:15-4:45 pm at WCAC.
  1. June 24-August 2: Morning Russell Sims practices continue as above, but all pm practices move from WCAC to the WKU pool to allow for a ceiling renovation at WCAC. The times change slightly for these practices and Gold/Silver/Bronze practices will be reduced to MWF because of space constraints. Please check the LCM practice schedule for full details.  

Meet Information (can be found under the Team Events tab)

  • RACE Dev#2—Saturday, June 6; entries due Friday, May 31
  • Etown, June 14-16—entries submitted
  • Home meet at Russell Sims, Saturday, June 29 with approximate times 7-10 am; entries due Friday, June 21
  • Newburgh, July 12-14; original entry date has passed, but late entries still being accepted; please email Coach Neil asap, specifying which day(s) your swimmer can compete
  • KY State Championships: 12u in Louisville, 7/19-7/21; 13+0 in Etown, 7/25-28. Following is a list of LCM State cuts recorded this season:
  1. Landon Badstibner—1, 2, 4 fr; 1 and 2 ba; 1 br; 1 and 2 fl; 2 and 4 im
  2. Peyton Black—1 and 2 fl
  3. Heidi Brooks—2 ba
  4. Hannah Gardner—1 br
  5. Logan Hughes—2 br; 2 fl
  6. Caden Moseley—50 ba
  7. Madeline Osmun—50 and 1 fr; 1 ba
  8. Isaac Shourds—2 ba
  9. Luke Shourds—50, 2, and 4 fr; 1 and 2 ba; 1 and 2 br; 1 and 2 fl; 2 and 4 im
  10. Canaan Timberlake—50 fr; 1 and 2 br; 4 im
  11. Carolina Wheeler—2 fl
  12. Neal Wolfram—1, 2, 4 fr; 1 and 2 ba; 1 and 2 fl; 2 and 4 im
  13. Trey Wolfram—2 fl

Injuries at Practice

From time to time, individual swimmers may be unable to participate fully in the assigned practice activities because of new musculoskeletal injuries. If your athlete sustains a musculoskeletal injury at practice (or elsewhere) that limits his or her activity and the injury is not healed or healing within two weeks, please consult an orthopedist for a proper medical diagnosis and recommended course of treatment. If there are usage restrictions recommended, please share that information with the coach of that group so that we can devise a plan to keep your athlete involved without risking further damage.

Because coaches lack first-hand access to the athlete’s somatosensory nervous system, it is critical that the injured athlete stop any activity, even one not explicitly proscribed by a physician, that causes pain and notify the coach of the problem. In such cases, the coach will suggest a modified version of the activity or a different activity that is less likely to exacerbate the problem but one that will still allow for the athlete’s continued engagement in the process of pursuing his or her goals.      


RACE Quarterly Progressive Attendance Recognition

Our local Dairy Queen, 2430 Nashville Road, has generously agreed to collaborate with us on this incentive program designed to encourage long-term consistency in attendance. Swimmers will be given an attendance card after their first month of making 80%; on their card, they record each month for which they achieve 80% or higher attendance. When have strung together 3 consecutive months of 80% attendance, they bring their card to practice for the coach to sign. The card can then be taken to the local DQ for a small cone. For a swimmer’s second three-month period of 80% attendance, the DQ inducement is a dilly bar; for the third quarter, a small sundae, and for the fourth quarter, a small blizzard. The first cards will be distributed to swimmers making 80% or higher attendance in May. Consistent attendance is essential not only to swimming improvement but also to the acquisition of life skills that competitive swimming can so effectively build.

For reference, the following numbers reflect the total number of swimmers teamwide with 80% or higher attendance over each of the past 6 months: Nov—8, Dec—13, Jan—17, Feb—24, March—18, April—16. With 100 athletes on the team, I am confident we can beat those marks over the next year.

Jr/Sr Practice Equipment

A significant minority of this group either does not possess, possesses in non-working order, or possesses in working order but fails to bring to practice three pieces of training equipment that we have been using regularly in practice for the past several months and will continue to use regularly for the foreseeable future. These tools are the tempo trainer (with replacement batteries), drag sox, and snorkel. Despite my frequent haranguing and occasional written reminders through our website, many of our athletes have not corrected the situation. Much more than mere frivolities, these devices are essential tools in the acquisition of vital skills and physical capacities. Sets designed with the use of one or more of these devices are simply not the same set for swimmers who are not actively using a working device during that set.

Just as a student of chemistry would not presume to solve stoichiometric problems without a calculator or a budding writer deign to compose a persuasive essay without a dictionary, swimmers serious about their craft will equip themselves with the requisite tools. Information about required equipment can be found on the website’s Team Gear tab. All equipment should be Sharpied with the swimmer’s initials or some other unique identifying mark, and that identification should be redone weekly before it has worn off. Tempo trainers should be kept in a small Tupperware container to prevent losing, and replacement batteries should be kept at the ready at home because they typically give no warning before ceasing function. If the Trainer itself goes bad, it should be returned to the manufacturer for a replacement on warranty (1 year).

Jr/Sr Practice Sets

We recently completed the third round of dryland testing with 10 of 16 athletes PRing on 4 or more of the 6 tests including Heidi Brooks with 6 of 6 PRs and Neal Wolfram and Ethan Luis with 5 of 6 PRs. All three of these athletes have at least one #1 and several top-5 scores.

We also completed the first swim-run-swim this past week with 13 intrepid adventurers tackling this swimmer’s triathlon (1000y reverse im, 2.6-mile run, 1000-yard freestyle). Neal Wolfram (50.25) and Heidi Brooks (65.05) established the inaugural records for their respective genders. Congratulations to all who participated. We will repeat this endeavor after we start back at WCAC in August or September. Data for Jr/Sr goal sets can be found on the Swimmers tab.

USA Swimming’s and SafeSport’s Minor Athlete Abuse-Prevention Policy (MAAPP)

This initiative addresses five facets of protecting athletes from abuse. One of its key provisions will be apparent when you re-register your athlete in the fall for the 2019-20 season. At that time, all parents, athletes, and volunteers will be asked to sign a form attesting to their having reviewed the provisions contained in the full MAAPP.