June Attendance Kudos

Neil Romney
Jul 3, 2019

RACE June 2019 Attendance Kudos




Leah Witcher

Luke Shourds

Caden Moseley

Maddie Osmun

Neal Wolfram

Canaan Timberlake

Artemiy Arefkin

Steven Cardona

Anna Arendt

Lily Fogle

Evan Cardona

Leng Hom

Lela Owsley

Artit Kyaw

Alysa Jones

Kasha Luu

For attendance quantification, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Sr. Prep are recorded by the practice; Junior and Senior are recorded to the nearest 15-minute increment for a more precise measure of the total training stimulus. During HS season, HS swimmers will be credited for RACE and HS practice hours.

  • RACE Swimmer of the Month—June 2019
  • Luke Shourds
  • Strong attendance
  • Focused, goal-oriented practices
  • Top standing in 4 of 8 LCM goal sets
  • 3 team records and 4 finals at Cincinnati meet

Group Advancements

  • To Silver—Charles Dreadin, Micah Jones
  • To Gold—Leng Hom

Congratulations to these swimmers for their hard work and steady progress.