13-and-over State Kudos

Neil Romney
Jul 30, 2019

13up State

We had many highlights including 100% relay PRs on Friday night and 84% over the course of the meet. We also had 62% final PRs, an encouraging score. While we need to improve our 37% prelim PR rate in order to have the chance to swim again at night, that percentage was skewed low by some of our stronger swimmers who strategically held back in prelims to conserve energy for finals. Fifteen team records were set by 6 different athletes, 5 relay team records were set in 3 different divisions. Overall, it was an encouraging team effort with relays competing in every division, several swimmers at their first LCM State meet, and all 16 participants contributing to team points in individual and/or relay event with our boys taking 5th in boys team points, only 10 points behind Cardinal.  


Swimmer of the Meet

Canaan Timberlake

100% prelim PRs, 100% final PRs, 100% relay PRs

Average improvement of 4% over all events

Medallist in both breaststrokes:

   --3rd in 1 br, dropping 4 seconds (71.40)

   --7th in 2 br, dropping 9 seconds (2.45.04)

Team record in boys 13-14 1 br

Part of 13-14 boys’ team-record-setting medley relays

Detailed, focused, ambitious goalsetting



Gargantuan Swim Award—Luke Shourds, boys open 1 fl

  • Dropped a second and made a Futures cut to take 5th in 57.97
  • The 57.97 represents a 10-second improvement over his time coming into the season
  • It also is as fast as he was swimming the 1 fl SCY only 9 months ago



Relay Big—Allison Davis

Dropped 3 seconds on each anchor leg of girls open 400 relays

--73.90 in 4 fr and and 74.39 in 4 med

--Crisp relay exchanges (scoring 9 on 4 med and 6 on 4 fr)



Other RACE achievements:

100% prelim PRs—Canaan Timberlake

100% final PRs—Luke Shourds, Canaan Timberlake

100% relay PRs—Heidi Brooks, McKinley Brooks, Allision Davis, Sarah Davis, Madeline Osmun, Isaac Shourds, Luke Shourds, Canaan Timberlake, Drew Wolfram, Neal Wolfram

Team records—Sarah Davis, Madeline Osmun, Luke Shourds, Canaan Timberlake, Neal Wolfram, Sarah Zoellner

Relay team records

--Boys 13-14 relay (Landon Badstibner, Canaan Timberlake, Peyton Black, Isaac Shourds) in the 2 med (2.08.01) and 4 med (4.42.13)

--Boys open (Drew Wolfram, Luke Shourds, Trey Wolfram, Neal Wolfram) in the 4 med (4.04.88) and 2 fr (1.41.06)

--Girls 13-14 2 med (Madeline Osmun, Sarah Davis, Sarah Zoellner, and Caroline Calloway) in 2.21.09


Event winners—Luke Shourds, Neal Wolfram

Medallists (top-8)—Landon Badstibner, Madeline Osmun, Canaan Timberlake, Drew Wolfram, Trey Wolfram; and all boys’ 13-14 and open relays

Point scorers (top 16)—Sarah Davis, Sarah Zoellner; and all girls 13-14 and open relays

Futures cuts—Luke Shourds; boys open 4 med relay

High-point placers—Luke Shourds (2nd in boys 15-16), Neal Wolfram (1st in boys 17-18)


Meet results, team scores, and high point lists can be viewed by clicking on this link: Past and Archived subtab.