Swim Equipment - listed below:
For equipment options Swim Outlet, Amazon, Pannell Swim Shop.

Link for Swim Outlet under sponsors.

If using Amazon, please, click on the Amazon drop-down box and do all online shopping through the Amazon Smile charity donation program.  You get the same great prices and RACE gets a % of all sales!  Both Amazon Smile and Swim Outlet provide fundraising dollars back to RACE Aquatics. 

Team Suits are NOT mandatory, please get the practice and tech suit that works best for your swimmer.  It's possible suits may be ordered at the beginning of the season but, they are not required. 

We do have a Team Store set-up through Pannell Swim Shop. It has team suit options, caps, and apparel. All of these items are optional. Pannell Swim Shop


Swim Equipment - (what your child needs for their training groups):

The 2020-21 Equipment  


Equipment the first few items are requirements for all groups.  Under each group topic, there are a few additional items required for that group.

Registration Caps come with full season registration in August/September.  Personalized caps will be ordered at least one time during season (normally Oct-November) and championship caps are ordered prior to short course championships.

All groups are required to have (the first 5) items listed here:

  • Large Water Bottle (fill before practice)
  • Swim suit (1 practice suit/1 competitive team suit)
  • Goggles (2 pair)
  • Swim caps (practice cap/competitive cap)
  • Short fins (do not size these to "grow into" or they will not stay on the swimmer's feet)  

Additional Equipment items per group:

Bronze, Silver, and Gold--no additional items beyond the 5 listed above


Senior (in addition to the first 5 items above)

1. Hand paddles—most Seniors already have these, but if they do not, there is no need to purchase them; we have a couple of dozen extra already at the pool, although the recipients will have to supply the surgical tubing. 

These paddles are of elegant design, eliminate the need for straps, can be used with all four strokes, and promote efficient technique as well as strength-building. The size charts recommend an adult S for hand circumferences smaller than 7", adult M for 7-8", and adult L for 9" and larger hand circumferences. For RACE Seniors, size S will work best for most girls and size M for most boys. 


2. Pull buoy and kickboard—many Seniors already have these tools as well, but for those looking to acquire them, I recommend the Speedo Buoy/Board, a two-in-one device that is half the size of a standard kickboard (rendering it easy to fit in a swimmer’s bag) and serves both purposes, facilitating lower total monetary expenditures and faster transitions from pull to kick. One size fits all, and the cheapest price on my 12/26/18 search was $14.91 + $2.99 S/H from Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Speedo-Elite-Pullkick-Training



3. Center-mount snorkel—any well-made brand with a purge valve will work, but I recommend the Finis Swimmer’s Snorkel (adult size), $25.99 on Amazon with free shipping as of 12/26/18: https://www.amazon.com/FINIS-1-05-009-50-Original SwimmersSnorkel/dp/B004O6ECL4/ref=pd_lpo_vtph_200_bs_t_1?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=2PPB1GZ1RTF01Z6C4BH3


4. Finis Tempo Trainer Pro—unlike snorkels, this product is available only by Finis. It is a personal metronome for tempo development and pacing awareness. On 12/2618, it was available with free shipping from Amazon for a mere $28.91, perhaps the cheapest you will find it anywhere: https://www.amazon.com/FINIS-1-05-120-Tempo-Trainer-Pro/dp/B005TVYVI2/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1545849183&sr=8-3&keywords=tempo+trainer+pro


Note on snorkels and tempo trainers: despite their utility, neither of these products is perfect. Snorkels need to be disinfected periodically and present many swimmers with a challenging learning curve because of the swimmer’s tendency to swallow or snort water when attempting to ventilate. In addition, the Finis snorkel has less-than-robust headband adjustment clips and purge valve; fortunately both of these components can be replaced as parts. The Tempo Trainer advertises a long-life battery, but they often need replacement within months. Also, because of their small size, these devices are easily lost or misplaced, so swimmers should write their name on their initials on their device with a Sharpie at least weekly and keep it in a small plastic box to make it easier to locate in their swim bags.

4.5. Tempo trainer replacement batteries--when ordering the Tempo Trainer, also order a dozen or more replacement batteries to save money and time when you need to replace the battery--which you will an average of monthly. The best deal online as of 12/26/18 was Amazon’s 20 Panasonic CR 1620 lithium batteries (four 5-packs) for $10.65 with free S/H (if you are paying more than $1.00/battery, you’re paying too much): https://www.amazon.com/Panasonic-CR1620-Lithium-Battery-Packs/dp/B015JR4BD0


5. Short fins—most Sr already have long fins, but fewer than half have short fins.  Swimmers already owning short fins of any brand do not need to buy another pair.  Those possessing the discontinued red Zoomers by Finis should prostrate themselves to the swim gods for their good fortune in owning these increasingly rare and jewels. The next best short fin currently available, Finis’ Zoomer Gold, could be purchased from Swim Outlet for $23.93 plus S/H on 12/26/18: https://www.swimoutlet.com/p/finis-zoomers-gold-swim-fins-1267/?&color=206&size=10959&utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=google-shopping&campaignid=1357303844&adgroupid=57197874194&keyword=&matchtype=&targetid=aud-375941413595:pla-416437319749&device=c&creativeid=264509392757&adposition=1o1&gclid=Cj0KCQiA6ozhBRC8ARIsAIh_VC0It9lxh8Ap5wbKBnUl5UCbnMvxNc9WUHyK5B9zAK7A-ytpzZX4y6saAi88EALw_wc 

When purchasing fins, size them borderline small to ensure that they remain on the feet during hard kicking and swimming. Do not buy too-large fins with the intention of "growing into" them because they will be useless. 

Swimmers should Sharpie their initials on their fins and re-write them every month. 


6. Drag sox—the most valuable training aid after Tempo Trainers and short fins, this product is sold direct from the manufacturer, AquaVolo. The cost is $29.95 plus S/H. There are 3 resistance levels. Our swimmers should buy only resistance level 30, and even that will overwhelm them initially. https://store.aquavolo.com/DragSox%C2%AE-p98955016

Swimmers should Sharpie their initials on the size tag of each drag sock and re-write them every month.