Questions for Coaches and Swimmers on Recruiting trips:

What to ask the College Coaches
Questions you can ask the coaches of the college you are visiting:

   1. What kind of swimmer are they looking for?  Ex sprint, back, distance, etc.
   2. How are practice run?  Ex together, specialized, what’s the training plan
   3. What kind of dryland, weights, etc do they do and is that specialized?
   4. What are  the team goals for the next 5 years?  Your senior year + 4 years?
   5. Can they take you where you want to go based on your goals?  Ex you want to make NCAA times, Senior and Olympic Trial times
   6. What are the expectations for the swimmer for training in the spring/summer?
   7. Do you have a Christmas Training Trip?  How is that funded? Team or family?
   8. Do you train as a coed team or separately?
   9. Would you be scholarship material?  If so, you need some idea to make your decision easier!

What to Ask College Swimmers
Questions you can ask the current swimmers to help you gain more insight into the program.

   1. How do they like the coaching staff?
   2.Do they feel their needs as an athlete are being met?
   3.Do they do things together to develop a sense of team?
   4.What is it that the athletes like about the school?
   5.Academically how is the school?
   6. Do they have fun?
   7.What kind of teammate are they looking for?  Who would fit in?
   8.Have they improved sense being there?