Cameron Brandao

                                 Head Coach/Program Director





​Cameron began coaching for BAC in April 2017 after getting his first head-coaching job.  Cameron’s first coaching experience came for the Stonebridge Summer League Swim Team back in the summer of 2010.  After graduating from college in May of 2015, he moved down to Lafayette to be the Senior Assistant Coach under Colleen Barczyk at the City Of Lafayette Aquatics for two years.  Brandao has coached a wide range of swimmers but mostly elite swimmers from ages 13 to 18. 

Brandao began as a summer league swimmer at the age of 8 and then started swimming for the City Of Shreveport Swim Team under Butch Jordan.  After graduating from high school in 2011, Brandao attended and swam for Centenary College of Louisiana from 2011 to 2015.  He graduated in 2015 with a degree in Biology.


Brandao primarily works with the Junior, Pre Senior, Senior, and National groups along with Ruston, Choudrant, West Monroe, and Cedar Creek High Schools.

       Payton Carnahan       

       Director of Operations/Swim School Coordinator



Payton began coaching for BAC as a Louisiana Tech student in June of 2010.  In 2013 Payton graduated with a Bachelor's degree from Louisiana Tech in Speech / Theatre.  Payton's swimming experience began when she was 5 on the LCATS swim team in 1996 and she continued to swim through high school for Pineville where she graduated in 2009.

Payton is married to Kyle Carnahan, and they welcomed their first child, Kegan, in December of 2015 and are expecting their second child Evan in August of 2019. 

Payton is the Lead Coach for Dog Paddlers and Pool Pups. 

     Jordan Lofton

     Associate Coach


   Jordan began coaching in May of 2013. Jordan attended West Monroe High school and graduated in 2013. In 2018 Payton graduated with a Bachelor's degree from Louisiana Tech in Biomedical Engineering with a concentration in Mechanical engineering.

Jordan’s swim experience began when she was on the Indian Aquatic Club in 2003. She stayed on the IAC swim team until she joined BAC at the end of 2009 and swam for them for years before she started coaching. She also swam for the West Monroe High School swim team for four years.

Jordan coaches Dog paddler, Pool Pups, Senior, Summer League, and BAC FIT. 

     Noah Ruff

     Associate Coach

   Noah began coaching in May of 2018. Noah attended Ruston High School and graduated in 2018. He is currently attending Louisiana Tech and is studying graphic design. Noah's swim experience began in the 3rd grade swimming for a league in Midland, TX before joining BAC in the 5th grade and continuing until he graduated from high school. In his free time, Noah enjoys drawing, reading, and hanging out with his pals. His favorite foods are ice cream and all things Asian food.

Noah coaches Dog Paddlers  Pool Pups, BAC FIT, Summer League, and Junior. 

     Ethan Brantly

     Associate Coach



    Ethan began coaching for BAC in May of 2018. He swam for the Ruston High School swim team for four years. He is currently studying construction engineering technology at Louisianna Tech. 

Ethan coaches the Dog Paddler, Pool Pups, and BAC FIT groups.

     Ansley Sewell 

     Associate Coach



    Ansley began coaching for BAC in 2018. Before coming to LA Tech to major in Electrical engineering, she swam for COSST for ten years. In 2016 she became a USA Swimming certified coach and coached for COSST under Butch Jordan for two years. During the summer she ran the summer league program the "flying fish" as well as giving lessons through Swim America. In her free time, she enjoys hanging out with friends, working out, and watching movies.

Ansley coaches the Junior group.

    Caroline Harvey

     Associate Coach

     Caroline began coaching for BAC in 2018. Before coming to Louisiana Tech University she swam in swam at St. Joseph’s Academy in Baton Rouge. During the summer, she loved to take part in Summer League swim teams as both a coach and a   swimmer.  Caroline is a rising junior at Louisiana Tech University majoring in Biomedical Engineering with a concentration in Pre-Med. She plans on attending Medical School to become a surgeon. In her free time, she enjoys being outdoors and doing activities such as hiking and running.

Caroline coaches Pool Pups, Dog Paddlers, and BAC FIT.


    Rocky Smith

     Associate Coach





  Rocky began coaching for BAC in 2018. He is a junior studying architecture at Louisiana Tech, When not studying, he enjoys hanging out with his friends and working out. He saw for six years competitively at Brusly High School in Brusly, Lousisnan and Tiger Aquatics. He is also currently the president of the swim club at Louisiana Tech. Over the summer he was the head coach of the summer league team in Baton Rouge, and has been part of the team for his swim career.

Rocky Coaches the Pre-Senior Group.

      Thomas B

     Associate Coach


      Hunter Buschner

     Associate Coach


      Hunter started as a coach for BAC in May of 2019.  Hunter graduated high school in 2014. He is a Mechanical Engineering student slated for graduation in May of 2020.  He has been swimming on the LA Tech swim club since December of 2017. 

Hunter coaches the Dog Paddlers, Pool Pups, and BAC FIT groups.

       Colton Phillips

     Associate Coach



   Colton started coaching at BAC in June 2019. He swam for 12 years and he has been coaching at different complexes for 6 years. He graduated from Eureka High School in Eureka, MO in May 2011 and will graduate from Louisiana Tech in May 2020 with a Mechanical Engineering degree.

Colton coaches Pre Senior, Senior, and National groups.

     Abigail Hildenbrand

     Associate Coach


     Abbey began coaching for BAC in 2019. She is originally from Parker, CO. She graduated high school in 2018. She plays volleyball for the Louisiana Tech Bulldogs and she is majoring in Biology. She swam for Ponderosa High School and Clarke Farms Tsunamis. She coached the 6 and under group for the Tsunamis for 4 years.
Abbey coaches the Dog Paddlers, Pool Pups and BAC FIT groups.