The Bulldog Aquatic Club started in the summer of 2008 as members of the Shreveport summer recreational league.  During that 6 week season, we had approximately 30 swimmers.  When that ended at the end of June, many parents were interested in keeping the program running throughout the year with a year-round team.

Those parents worked together over the next 6 weeks to write a proposal to join USA Swimming as an offical year-round club.

Everything was approved and in September of 2008, the Bulldog Aquatic Club began recruiting team members and practicing daily.  Throughout that first year we maintained 50 swimmers on the team. 

BAC has grown and developed into a competiton team that has more than 100 members participate year-round. BAC swimmers have won events on the state level, and gone on to compete at at elite events all over the country. 

   Maggie Huenefeld





Zoe Mekus





Trent Reeder





Connor Wiedemeier





Madelyn Carson 






Kelsey Davis  




Thomas Huenefeld 

Morgan Meyer