Southside Swim Club Programs

ISR - Infant Swimming Resource

Give your child the competency, the confidence and the skills of aquatic safety with our Infant Swimming Resource program. Children are curious, capable, and have the uncanny ability to overcome obstacles like pool fences. Our program takes that ability and teaches them skills in a multi-layered approach to drowning prevention. Keep your family safe by enrolling them in ISR; the safest provider of survival swimming lessons of children 6 months to 6 years of age! Contact Tara Hardin for more information; / (318) 617-0303.

Swim Lessons

Learn to swim with confidence. Southside Swim Club offers swim lessons for children, teenagers, and adults. With classes for ages 3 years and older, you and your entire family can learn to master the skills needed to help you swim safely. Our swim instructors will help you develop strokes in a safe environment and at your own pace with thoughtful and caring instruction. Contact one of our authorized instructors for more information; Tara Hardin / / (318) 617-0303 or Linda Pope / / (318) 469-9567.

Home School Swim

The purpose for our home school swim program is to accommodate home school students who wish to get involved in a special physical education activity. Home school swim allows participants to maintain strong physical fitness while learning the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle. Our swim program will also aid in the improvement of social interaction as participants learn to cooperate through various group activities. Contact Hallie Horne for more information; / (318) 936-3459.

High School / Middle School Team

Our high school / middle school team was built for those that have a growing interest in swimming as a competitive sport. Our coaches will train athletes several times per week to develop a working knowledge of all four competitive strokes in order to enhance their swimming ability. Swimmers of all levels will receive high quality, professional coaching and technique instruction. This program offers participants a flexible schedule for those involved in several other sports or activities. Contact Tara Hardin for more information; / (318) 617-0303.


The City of Shreveport Swim Team is a year round competitive swim program for those looking to make a full commitment to bettering themselves as athletes and as people. Our team provides a positive training atmosphere that prepares swimmers to compete to the best of their potential. By participating in pool workouts, by fine tuning stroke mechanics, and by setting personal and team goals, our program aims to enhance the development of the athlete’s character as they learn the values of sportsmanship, commitment, responsibility, and integrity. Contact our facility for more information; Southside Swim Club / / (318) 687-0099.