City of Shreveport Swim Team

2018 Fall Splash for Cash
Splash for Cash fundraiser 10/20/18
OCT 20
Time: 8:00 AM
EIN: 20-4013614
Southside Pool Shreveport, LA
Krista Bodily Email
Our major fundraiser, Splash for Cash is on Saturday, October 20th

How you can donate:

Online: Go to, log in, and click on the left to my event fundraising. At the top right there is a button for fundraising set up. If you then click on the red set up tab, your child can make a profile and send a message to those he would like to ask to donate. You can then send a message directly to potential donors. If you would prefer not to set up a profile, you can just direct friends and family to and click on the lane rope at the top. From there, they click please donate. They can type in your child’s name and it will go to him/her. When they include their email address, they will receive a donation letter.
Donations processed online does incur a processing fee, but many people like the convenience. If you want to avoid the online processing fee, please donate with cash or checks.

Cash or Check: Donation envelopes will be going out today at the Back to Southside party and at practice. Parents, grandparents, friends, and family can give cash or check (made out to NWLSA). If you are unable to come on the 20th or have donations after the event, please give your envelope to Trey Fegley, Jennifer Russell, or Krista Bodily.

The funds raised during the splash for cash & your dues go towards:

· Parent t-shirts (at the beginning of the year)

· Travel expenses for coaches for going to away swim meets

· Team events (like Back to Southside, pizza at Alexandria, State Party)

· End of the year awards to swimmers

· Lane ropes

· Major improvements such as pool filters and the structural improvements to the small pool.

What happens on October 20th:

Your swimmer can swim any stroke they’d like and take as long as they need, up to 2 hours. We count a lap as one length of the pool.

Here’s what you can expect from our swimmers:

o JV1: at least 20 laps

o JV2: at least 50 laps

o JV3: at least 100 laps

o Varsity: 200 laps (Varsity actually swims their laps at Friday practice the day before.)


· The swimmer in each group who raises the most money will receive a $50 gift card.

· The swimmer who raises the most out of all of the groups, will receive an additional $50 gift card.

· All swimmers who raise at least $200, will be in a drawing to win a $50 gift card.

At the Splash for Cash, we will still do our traditional cake walk and games with small prizes.

Help us get off to a great start by setting up your swimmer’s profile today! Share your link via email and Facebook.

All contributions are tax deductible.

If you have any questions, please contact Krista Bodily at or at 708.386.0106

Other announcements:

MAKOS: October 6th

Thank you for your participation!

Krista Bodily
NWLSA (Booster Club) Treasurer
Participants | Rank 0/110
$1,350.00 Hannah Waddell
$1,150.00 Brooke Fegley
$800.00 Henry Werner
$575.00 Sara Heflin
$540.00 Steven Geter
Top Roster (amount)
$3,310.00 JV2
$3,265.00 JV3
$2,585.00 Varsity
$1,941.00 JV1B
Top Locations (amount)
$10,526.00 COSST
$575.00 SSC-JV2B
$50.00 Unassigned