JoJo’s Hope focuses on an interactive aquatic curriculum that includes games, songs, and laughter. It incorporates a well organized, but spontaneous lesson plan. As participants obtain individual strength, a sense of achievement, flexibility and comfort in the water, group activities increases. Within a few weeks, each member experiences benefits that are physical, psychological and socially improved.

JoJo’s Hope works because the use of aquatic mediums enable the disabled and impaired individual to perform activities that would be virtually impossible on dry land. Since 90% of the body weight is displaced by water, a participant who is unable to walk on land may discover the ability to walk, swim and perform new movements in water.

JoJo’s Hope is an avenue for learning how to swim and results in therapeutic benefits to the swimmer. To ensure a safe and friendly environment, parents (or guardians) take part in all water activities, unless pre-arranged. In addition, water safety instructors, adapted physical education teachers, and physical therapist rotate among the participants and parents.