Question:  How many days a week do you practice?

Answer:  Typically STORM practices 5 days a week.  During weeks that we have meets we may only practice 4 days and compete 1-3 days. 


Question:  How many practices do swimmers have to attend?

Answer:  There is not a set number of required practices for swimmers to attend, however we do encourage swimmers to try and attend at least 3 practices each week.  We understand that many swimmers may be interested in other activities, but we want parents to know that the more practices swimmers make, the more they should improve.


Question:  How often and where does STORM compete?

Answer:  Generally STORM competes every 3-4 weeks.  Most of our meets are held in New Orleans and Baton Rouge.  Meets are typically divided into 2 sessions each day with a swimmer only competing in one that last approximately 4 hours. 


Question:  Are swimmers required to compete?

Answer:  No, swimmers are not required to compete.  Meets are a tool for coaches to use to see how the swimmer is improving and to help the swimmer set goals.  This is also a chance for a swimmer to show off their new found speed and have fun with their teammates. 


Question:  What are the costs?

Answer:  There are three main costs associated with STORM swimming: 

               1 - Registration, our registration fee includes the swimmers USA registartion fee

               2 - Monthly Dues, this covers our facilities rentals and coaching salaries

               3 - Meet Fees (only when your swimmer competes)


Question:  Is STORM expensive?  What are the monthly dues?

Answer:  No, STORM is NOT expensive.  We enjoy coaching and think that it should be affordable for those who embrace our core values.  The coaching fees (aka. monthly dues) depend on which payment option you choose.  If your swimmer were to attend every practice you would be paying around $2 per hour (that's not a misprint).  Compared to some sports or even other swim teams, STORM is fairly affordable. 


Question:  Do you offer sibling discounts?

Answer:  Yes, STORM offers a discount per additional sibling depending on the payment plan.


Question:  When does the season start? 

Answer:  USA Swimming has two seasons, short course and long course.  Short course runs September through February/March.  Long course runs from February/March through July. 


Question:  When should we sign up?

Answer:  As soon as you're ready! 


Question:  How do we get a registration packet and register?

Answer:  Register ONLINE!  


Question:  Do you have to be a member of Cypress Lakes Country Club to practice at that facility?  

Answer:  No, STORM is independent of CLCC.  However CLCC is a very nice country club and you may spend so much time there you decide to become a member of the club and participate in their summer league.