St. Bernard Swim Club Lessons

Thank you for your interest in the St. Bernard Swim Club lesson program! We have been offering lessons to the public in St. Bernard for nearly 6 years now and pride ourselves on providing a fun and rewarding experience for both the swimmers and the parents of our students.

*** 2020 COVID-19 INFORMATION ***  We will offer swim lessons this summer.  All of our swim lessons will be PRIVATE lessons, which means only the instructor, parent(s) and swimmer will be in the building.  We will adhere to all guidance as much as possible but please understand there is very little chance of social distancing when it comes to swim lessons.  

At the conclusion of the program your child completes, you will be given a checklist of their accomplishments, a certificate of completion and (at the proper time) an invitation to join the Bluefins swim team!

Please navigate our site for more information on our lesson programs and use this system to register for available classes. If you have any questions, please ask away.  There are no refunds for lessons.  All signups are final.