St. Bernard Swim Club Bluefins Meet Results

2014-2015 Short Course

December 6-8: 7th Annual Santa's BEST (Biloxi, MS)  SBSC Only  Overall Results

January 9-11: 2015 CCSC Winter Invitational (New Orleans, LA)  SBSC Only  Overall Results

January 30-February 1: Crawfish Winter Invite (Baton Rouge, LA)  SBSC Only  Overall Results

February 21-22: 2015 LA District Short Course Championship SBSC Only  Overall Results

March 28: 2015 Regional 8 and Under Championship  SBSC Only  Overall Results

2015 Long Course

April 24-25:  Crawfish Aquatics Swamp Paradise SBSC Only  Overall Results

May 16:  CCSC One Day Long Course Meet  SBSC Only  Overall Results

2015 Summer Swim Season

May 26:  Bluefins Fun Meet  Overall Results

June 13:  Bluefins vs. Lakeside and Tanglewood  Overall Results

June 19:  Bluefins vs. Cross Gates Gators and Tanglewood  Overall Results

June 22:  Bluefins vs. Picayune and Buccaneer Villa  Overall Results

June 27:  STSL "B" Championship Meet  10 and Under Results  11 and Older Results

July 11:  STSL "A" Championship Meet  Overall Results

July 24-25:  STSL League Championship Meet  Overall Results