Kier McGuire Braendel

Owner and Head Coach Kier Braendel is a level 3 certified USS coach with over 15 years of experience coaching in the competitive sphere. Coach Kier has served as Southern Coaching Staff for National Zones meets on multiple occasions and has represented Louisiana Swimming at the National Diversity Summit in Colorado Springs. Coach Kier has coached on the high school, summer league and middle school level, and currently serves as the Head Coach for Riverside Academy’s Men’s and Women’s Varsity swimming in Laplace. Prior to coaching, she was a competitive swimmer and All-State swimmer in high school.

Kier Braendel attended Tulane University on academic scholarship, prior to the re-development of the women’s swimming program. Upon receiving her Bachelors of Arts from Tulane University, she attended the University of New Orleans where she received her Masters of Public Administration.  As her Master’s Thesis Project,  Mrs Braendel proposed a city-wide elementary school swimming initiative, a program she intends to implement within the next five years. Mrs. Braendel is well loved for her quirky personality, innovative teaching styles, and dedication to developing age-group swimmers into champions. 

She is married to Kyle R. Braendel and step mom to Gavin Braendel, mother to seahorses Kaia and Ava.



Kaci R. McGuire

Public Relations Liaison and 8&u Program Developer Kaci McGuire is a Level 2 certified USS coach with 10 years of experience coaching competitive swimming. Coach Kaci has coached with summer league teams Green Acres Country Club and Sun Villa Country Club and has served as the Head Coach for Kehoe-France’s School swim team for 6 years. Coach Kaci has served as a National Coach for the Central Zone Diversity Select Camp and has served as the Louisiana Diversity Co-Chair.  

Ms. Kaci McGuire has a degree in International Relations with a focus on Africana Studies and Latin American / Carribean Studies at the University of New Orleans. Ms. Kaci McGuire is passionate about incorporating healthy lifestyle practices and interpersonal skills into the curriculum for 8 and younger swimmers. Ms. Kaci is also devoted to promoting multi-faceted diversity within Louisiana Swimming and the SLST. She serves as the Spanish and Portuguese speaking liaison to members and the community at large. Se habla español y se fala portugues.  Coach Kaci is now the proud mom to Kalilu Leonardo

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