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South Louisiana Swim Team Lessons

Note: We charge an annual registration fee of
  • $35.00 per family for Seahorse Swim School , Seahorse Swim School , Seahorse Swim School Baby and Me, Seahorse Swim School Privates, Seahorse Swim School Starfish, Seahorse Swim School Seahorse, Seahorse Swim School Dolphin, Seahorse Swim School Shark, Lessons at North Cypress Fitness , Lessons at North Cypress Fitness Starfish-N.Cypress, Lessons at North Cypress Fitness Privates- N. Cypress, Lessons at North Cypress Fitness Seahorses-N.Cypress, Lessons at North Cypress Fitness Dolphin- N.Cypress, Lessons at North Cypress Fitness Shark-N.Cypress, Lessons at North Cypress Fitness Minnow and Guppy
This extra fee will be added to the checkout page if your family has not paid this fee for over a year.

Thank you for your interest in our swim lesson program, the Seahorse Swim School.

Our registration format and class format has changed post covid.  Registration is now throught the same interface as the swim team, there is a slot for each class offered.  We are currently operating from a waitlitist. You can get on it here, our next openings will be in September:


All of our swim lessons, regardless of location are grouped by levels.  Only classes outside of these groupings would be private lessons, which are available, and are taught to the level your child is at.

Starfish-- Beginner class-water comfort, blowing bubbles, kicking and lifesaving skills

    Seahorse- increase independent swimming, learns how to jump in turn around and reach for the  side        

   Dolphin--can swim independently, learning to breathe and swim on back and               increase distance

Private lessons are available by request and scheduled weekly based on you and the instructors schedule.

What can you expect?  A skilled swim coach and teacher who is kind, knowledgeable, patient and wants your child to swim! Our over-arching program is a competitive swim team and our director has been a swim teacher and coach for over 18 years. We want your child to learn properly, efficiently while also finishing our classes with the most important skill of all: LIFESAVING skills. Crying is normal, both fear and fearlessness can occur and EVERYONE can learn to swim.  We recommend the following based on experience:

  • Swimmers 16months-3: Depends on the child--their attention span, ability to communicate and follow directions and motor skill development. Private lessons recommended to start to evaluate readiness. After, 3 session commitment.
  • Absolute beginner with limited access to a pool outside of lessons: 3 sessions regardless of program
  • Absolute beginnger with access to a pool before, during and after lessons: 2 sessions regardless of program
  • Independent swimmer LAST year ages 3-5, but hasn't been in the pool ALL year with limited access to a pool: 2 sessions, maybe 3.
  • Independent swimmer LAST year ages 3-5, but hasn't been in the pool ALL year with access to a pool before after and during session: 1 session
  • Independent swimmer LAST year ages 6 + with or without access to a pool: 1 session
  • Fearful swimmer (or parent, kids sense the anxiety): any age, 3+ sessions. It is imperative to not stop, once starting or regression will happen. The Fear will subside and they WILL learn how to swim. Private lessons are recommended.
  • Swimmers with disabilities, on the autism spectrum or have sensory disorders: Contact Coach Kier, but private lessons or small groups with siblings/familiar friends are recommended.


Metairie: Crescent City Christian School

Terrytown: Coming in September

One day a week classes cost: $70/month

Two days a week classes cost: $190/month 

Private lessons: 4 x 30min lesson: $160