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Nutrition is the foundation for health and wellness. We must focus on what we consume in order to experience optimal health in and out of the pool. SeaHorses are encouraged to follow these simple suggestions to create healthier, stronger bodies:

1. Eat more whole foods.

Whole foods grow from the earth and are packed with nutrients, vitamins and minerals that are essential for healthy bodies. The closer to the natural form the better, with organic and local varieties as your best options. The more whole foods you eat, the healthier your body. Try to eat with the colors of the Rainbow.

2. Eat less processed foods.

Processed foods do not grow from the earth and are filled with toxic substances that are harmful to the body. Processed foods come in boxes and bags. Replace processed foods with whole foods. ie: cucumber slices instead of chips ; grapes instead of processed sweets.

3. Drink more water--out of a reusable water bottle.

Water is the natural solvent of the body- required for all bodily functioning. Dehydration is the precursor to disease and discomfort. Choose water as your beverage of choice. Have a glass before, during and after meals. Carry a refillable water bottle. Bring water to practice.