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Water is the natural solvent of the body and required for all bodily functions. Some doctors have asserted that water itself can be a cure to a host of maladies and that dehydration is the precursor to all disease. Experiment for yourself by increasing your water intake. Be sure to take the water throughout the day and not in one sitting. Keep a water bottle at all times, start your day with a tall glass, drink before, during and after meals, and finish the day with a glass of water by your bed. Thirst signals go beyond the feeling of being thirsty- we are already quite dehydrated when we feel thirsty. Drink water consistently and offer it to swimmers as the first beverage of choice, over processed juices and sports drinks. Add a sprig of mint or squeeze of lemon or lime to add flavor. Drinking more water will give you an all over healthier feeling and vibrancy.