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Processed foods do not grow from the earth and are filled with toxic additives that are unhealthy for bodily health. They typically come in boxes and bags and are usually readily available, well marketed and targeted towards children.

High fructose corn syrup is a derivative of corn that has negative effects on the body. It is linked with obesity, fatigue, poor immune system health, mood swings, tooth decay and diabetes. This ingredient is prevalent in many common processed foods.

Processed sugar itself is linked to a host of diseases and issues. Processed, bleached sugar, like all processed, bleached ingredients, is stripped of its natural properties and has an adverse affect on the body. Processed sugar leads to dips in energy levels and has been said to worsen the traits of ADHD.

Aspartame is often found in sugar free items as a sweetener but is linked to Alzheimer's and cancer.

White, bleached flour products like processed cookies and pastas are also void of naturally occurring vitamins and riddled with preservatives.

Preservatives affect breathing difficulties and asthma, are linked to heart problems and are linked to cancer.

This list is far from full. Do independent research to understand the effects processed foods have on growing and grown bodies.

Avoid processed foods by instead choosing whole-food alternatives. There are also healthier versions of junk foods available by brands that do not use high fructose corn syrup and other additives. You can also choose to make your own baked goods to avoid harmful ingredients like preservatives and dyes.