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A fun way to improve your health, reduce stress, become more connected with your food and spend more quality time with your children is to start your own edible garden. Kids can learn about the life cycle and the importance of patience, care, consistency and hard work by maintaining their own small crop. Gardening can be done in any space and under almost any circumstances. If you already have a green thumb, consider including an edible patch in your seasonal plans.

If you have never gardened, you too can get started. Begin by growing small herbs like rosemary, basil and mint that can be grown inside in pots or outside. You can buy them already grown and maintain them in pots or in a small plot. You can move on to bigger plants and use pots on patios or dig a plot once you feel comfortable with the process.

LSU agriculture offers free resources and there is a host of information from master gardeners online. There is most likely someone in your family or neighborhood who also has grown food for a living or as a past time that are full of information and advice. Children will love the process of watching sprouts grow and getting their hands dirty. You can utilize your space to grow family staples to decrease grocery bills!

If you are not quite ready to start your own patch, visit local farmers' markets or local growers to become more connected with your food. Supporting local farmers supports our environment and economy. It is also always a fun trip for the family to the farmers' market! There are online listings of farmers' markets including schedules and produce.